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Support FAQ

Support FAQ

Q. What changes will occur to the support structure?
A: There are no immediate plans to change our existing support structure. Please continue to engage Equitrac and Nuance as you normally would. In the long term, we intend to combine the Equitrac and Nuance support teams to improve the service we can provide.

Q. How will this acquisition improve the service I receive?
A: The Nuance and Equitrac support teams are working hard to enhance the strengths for both teams to provide an improved level of service to all our customers. On issues where Equitrac and Nuance products are involved we are currently working as a single support team in resolution of your issue.

Q: Where do I call and email for support?
A: For now, please continue to contact support through your normal channels. As we unify the support teams we will notify you in advance of any contact changes.
Equitrac Support
eCopy Support

Q: I am using both eCopy and Equitrac solutions, who do I call?
A: Your access to support remains the same. Please engage Equitrac and Nuance support through the support channel you contracted with. When the issue reaches Equitrac or Nuance, we will make sure it gets to into hands of the right experts.

Q: Do I still have access to the Equitrac Partner Portal, Equitrac University, eCopy eSPN and
A: Yes, there are no changes to our portals. Please continue to access these systems as you normally would. You will be notified in advance of any future improvements we make to these systems.

Q: I have questions about this acquisition. Who should I talk to?
A: You are welcome to contact or email support and ask to speak to support management.

Q: I currently have a project (purchase upgrade, add-on) scheduled or in progress. Will the acquisition impact my project?
A. No, the acquisition will no impact on your project. All project plans remain in force and as scheduled.

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