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Dragon Medical 360 | Direct

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Dragon Medical 360 | Direct


Cloud-based clinical speech documentation—lightweight versatility, heavyweight performance
Dragon® Medical 360 | Direct is a secure, cloud-based speech recognition solution that allows clinicians to document the complete patient story using voice while allowing healthcare organizations to easily deploy medical speech recognition across the enterprise— all while saving time for IT staff and boosting productivity and efficiency for clinicians.

Highly scalable and ready-to-use, Dragon Medical 360 | Direct provides cloud-based clinical speech recognition across your existing infrastructure of Windows-based devices, including virtualized and remote-access PCs. The lightweight Windows client application downloads and installs in minutes and provides a secure connection to the Nuance cloud. It delivers care continuum-wide access to user voice profiles, real-time speech-to-text and the latest medical dictionary, terms, phrases, and clinical formatting rules to ensure a fast and accurate speech recognition experience. Additional features include specialty-specific medical language models, automated user accent detection, gain control, custom vocabularies and templates, and voice-based correction.

Easy to install, even easier to use Dragon Medical 360 | Direct can be installed on any clinical workstation or laptop in just minutes without the need for complex configurations. Standard preferred dictation hardware, such as the PowerMic II, is plug-and-play (Other hardware is supported as well). Once installed, clinicians simply open the app from the Windows Start menu, place the cursor where they want speech-recognized text to appear, and start dictating into any clinical, or non-clinical, Windows-based application (e.g., EHR, Microsoft Outlook, Microsoft Word).


Features and Benefits

  • Fast, Accurate, and Portable

    Fast, extremely responsive, and highly accurate out-of-the-box clinical speech recognition with speech profiles that can be easily accessed across multiple devices.

  • No Capital Investment

    Affordable subscription-based pricing eliminates the need for up-front capital investments.

  • Easy to install and Maintain

    No complex configurations, one-click installation, and automatic updates mean less work for your IT staff, less hassle for your clincians, and users can be up and running within minutes.

  • No Speech Profile Training

    Zero voice profile training, automatic accent detection, and profiles that continue to adapt and improve over time ensure an optimal clinician experience from the start.

  • No Limit on Productivity

    Speak freely and as much as you like with no per user limits—clinicians can stay productive anywhere and focus on the unique patient story rather than the technology.

  • HIPAA-Compliant Speech Recognition

    Speech-related data is communicated over 256-bit encryption channels to ensure end-to-end security.

  • Shared Speech Profiles

    Individual user speech profiles, including custom vocabularies and templates, are sharable across mobile, web, and desktop applications powered by Nuance Healthcare..

  • Compatible with PowerMic Mobile

    Give clinicians the freedom to roam from workstation-to-workstation, room-to-room, and location-to-location to complete clinical documentation using their smartphone as a secure wireless microphone at the desktop.
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Cloud-based voice profile sharing across devices and platforms
With Connect for Dragon Medical 360, user voice profile customizations, such as personal templates and custom words, are accessible across mobile, web, and desktop apps through Dragon Medical 360 | Direct, Dragon Medical 360 | Network Edition 2.0, and speech-enabled mobile EHRs.

Nuance Professional Services Engage with Nuance’s Professional Services to capitalize on the full potential of your Dragon Medical investment. Our team of experts provides planning, implementation, training, and best practices to ensure your success.

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