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For Dragon Customers

Tools and tips to help you make the most of your Dragon experience

Training Tools for Dragon 10 Customers

Dragon NaturallySpeaking can be very easy to use: you talk and it types. But we've created a series of training tools that will help you get the most out of your software investment and generate even more accurate recognition results with Dragon. You may want to start by downloading the Dragon 10 user workbook which provides detailed information and instructions for nearly every aspect of Dragon usage. Or jump right in by selecting your specific interest area from the videos and guides below. And be sure to download our helpful cheat sheet of the most popular voice commands to control your computer.

The free training resources provided on this page provide general tips and techniques. If you prefer one-on-one training, personally tailored to meet your specific needs, you can find a local Dragon partner using our partner locator click here. You may also want to consider web-based product training offered by our training experts.

Step#1: Get Started Right

Install the Software
This video covers the installation process, including activation

Create Your User Profile
This video shows how to create a User Profile that best reflects your voice, audio environment, and audio input devices

Customize Your Vocabulary
this workbook excerpt provides instructions to add words and phrases to your personal vocabulary to improve overall accuracy

Your First Dictation
this workbook excerpt provides tips and best practices for general dictation

Step#2: Formatting and Editing Your Text

Quick Voice Formatting
This video demonstration illustrates how to format text by voice

Editing Your Documents
This video demonstration highlights the ability to use your voice to alter existing text

Correcting Errors
This guide details the best approach to correcting misrecognitions to help improve accuracy over time

Step#3: Dragon Works With the Applications You Use Every Day

Using Dragon with Microsoft Word
This cheat sheet provides a sample list of the most common and helpful commands for Word 2003 and 2007

Using Dragon with Email
This instructional video illustrates how to launch your default email program, check for new mail, and create a new message

Surf the Web by Voice
This video demonstration highlights the ability to navigate the web using common voice commands

Step#4: Going Further

Dragon Voice Shortcuts
This video demonstration provides a sample of the commands that can be used to search the web and send email

Automate Routine Tasks
This video demonstration illustrates the type of custom commands you can create to make working on the computer faster and easier

Creating Custom Voice Commands
This video covers the creation of “Text-and-Graphics” commands that help to streamline your daily PC tasks

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