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Health Business Group Report

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Health Business Group conducted a survey among over 800 clinical documentation professionals in hospital and ambulatory settings and 20 thought leaders to understand:

  • how clinical documentation is evolving
  • the impact technology and outsourcing will have in improving quality and integrity
  • how mergers and consolidations are influencing acquired facilities’ documentation approach and EHR use

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Conversation Healthcare 2014

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Nuance Healthcare customers keep ahead of industry dynamics by coming together at Conversations Healthcare, Nuance's annual customer conference. During our time together, we show our customers how to get even more value from the solutions they are using and how to prepare for the enormous change our industry is undergoing. We also celebrate new innovations and give customers the platform to share their success stories.

Conversations Healthcare 2014 is your opportunity to network with peers and Nuance experts, and together, to help shape the technology that will enable and empower healthcare's future.

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Nuance Healthcare Video

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From admission and care provision to discharge and reimbursement, clinical documentation is a key component at every point of the care continuum – and Nuance solutions are right there to make sure it’s timely, accurate and complete.

This video follows a fictional patient – and her records – across an entire episode of care. See Nuance in action improving clinical documentation and, as a result, patient care, reimbursement and reporting.

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Clintegrity 360™ Innovation for Accurate and Complete Medical Records

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Clintegrity 360™ is an integrated computer-assisted system for clinical documentation improvement (CDI) and coding that helps physicians seamlessly deliver the most clinically-accurate and complete medical records while also supporting coding, compliance and quality teams with the most advanced set of Clinical Language Understanding (CLU) tools.

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Dragon Medical 360

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Dragon Medical 360 provides clinical understanding solutions for over 300,000 physicians. This portfolio captures the physician narrative to document care in the EHR, and when necessary prompts for additional information, to improve the quality of documentation. Additionally, Dragon Medical 360 analyzes the entire narrative and turns it into key clinical and quality indicators. As a result, Dragon Medical 360 drives EHR adoption, supports transition to ICD-10, and improves appropriate and timely reimbursement.

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Director – Medical Coding & Data Abstraction
Overseeing, guiding and directing annotation staff including contractors and employees. Developing the organization's expertise in coding practice, maintaining a comprehensive knowledge of contemporary health record and coding practices. Learn More

Sr. Software Engineer – HL7
Highly experienced HL7 (Health Level Seven) interface software engineer who will design, architect, develop and maintain integration solutions for a new Healthcare Enterprise class application. Learn More

Sr. Software Support Engineer
The Senior Software Support engineer will be responsible for providing excellent customer service, problem diagnosis and creative resolution for issues related to Nuance products and their supporting technologies/infrastructure.
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