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MT Compensation

Paying for performance

MT Compensation

Background speech recognition increases MT productivity by partially automating the traditional, labor-intensive transcription process. Increases in lines per hour can be significant.

To benefit fully from this increase and help motivate MTs to learn and master the powerful editing shortcuts that come with speech solutions, many healthcare organizations are re-evaluating existing transcription compensation plans and performance standards.

Nuance representatives understand the challenges of change, and can work with you and your organization to develop a plan that helps you achieve your goals. 

How Nuance makes a difference

  • Nuance platforms provide productivity gains up to 100% or more
  • Most MTs editing on Nuance platforms prefer editing to typing
  • Shortcut keystrokes in Nuance transcription tools improve productivity with less strain
  • Online training and other resources for MTs help them improve continually

Higher productivity, lower costs
Nuance’s background speech recognition platforms, eScription and Dictaphone® Enterprise Speech System, help healthcare organizations reduce costs in medical transcription by increasing MT productivity.

Compensation that works
Organizations that adjust their compensation plans to reward MTs for both high production and quality output as they transition to editors achieve higher productivity gains and resulting cost savings. Our experience working with these healthcare leaders has helped us hone our expertise to share with you.

Raising the standards
Nuance recommends increasing MT performance standards to reflect increased MT productivity. Nuance representatives can work with you and your organization to develop a plan that helps you achieve your goals.