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Quantim Products

Quantim® (now part of Nuance) provides information technology solutions for the healthcare industry. Working closely with industry partners, including electronic healthcare record (EHR) providers, Quantim solutions ease healthcare providers’ transition to ICD-10, while preserving clinician productivity and document workflows and, most importantly, ensuring the quality of patient care.

Quantim Products:

Clinical Outcome Practice Evaluator
Main Advanced Data Analytics
Main Performance Management
ICD-10 Coding Simulator
ICD-10 Data Analytics
ICD-10 Education Training Simulator
ICD-10 Impact Assessment
ICD-10 Readiness Assessment Services
Quantim Abstracting
Quantim Clinical Documentation Integrity
Quantim Coding
Quantim Compliance
Quantim Computer-Assisted Coding
Quantim Electronic Document Management
Quantim File Manager
Quantim Records Management
Quantim Service Utilization and Optimization Review
Quantim Workflow


For more information about Nuance Healthcare’s Quantim solutions, please call (703) 709-2305.

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