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Powered by Nuance Healthcare

Powered by Nuance Healthcare

Powered by Nuance

Cloud computing and the deployment of cloud-based solutions in the healthcare setting continues to grow across all medical specialties.  As the adoption of mobile and cloud computing technology increases, the need for “experience enhancing” technologies rises. Nuance Healthcare provides secure, cloud-based, medical speech recognition and clinical language understanding technology which is delivered seamlessly to mobile devices, web browsers, and desktops to provide a ubiquitous user interface that enhances clinical documentation, physician interactions and the overall experience with third party healthcare apps.

When you see the powered by Nuance Healthcare design or text mark, you’ll know that the application you’re using is powered by the industry leader in voice and understanding technology.


Nuance Healthcare Technologies

Medical Speech Recognition powered by Nuance Healthcare

Secure, cloud-based, medical speech recognition for mobile, web-based, and desktop apps allow you to securely, and accurately, document on the go in 1/3 the time. Healthcare apps with medical speech recognition powered by Nuance Healthcare allow you to document in 1/3 the time and engage in conversational dialogues using speech-to-text, text-to-speech, voice navigation, and Auto-texts.

Clinical Language Understanding (CLU) powered by Nuance Healthcare

Analyze free text dictations, tag clinical data elements (diagnoses, allergies, medications, vital signs, procedures, and social history), and extract facts for better patient care from third-party healthcare apps. CLU captures standardized and actionable clinical knowledge from narrative notes, while keeping the usability and expressiveness of dictation in the hands of physicians. CLU helps deliver the full value of healthcare solutions by extending data entry capabilities and speeding user adoption while guaranteeing the creation of discrete, usable patient data.

Featured Healthcare Partners

  • Azalea Health: Azalea® EHR, an ONC-certified complete ambulatory EHR, works seamlessly to allow users to operate their paperless medical practice with continuity and total workflow control.
  • Better Day Health: Better Day™ Health is a mobile, cross-browser, cross-platform, standards-driven, web-based clinic management software solution. Core Better Day™ platform applications integrate EHR, PHR, PM, RCM, & HIE.
  • Care Thread: Care Thread provides secure mobile messaging and team-based collaboration solutions that empower healthcare providers to deliver more efficient patient care, improve patient outcomes, and shorten time to discharge.
  • Cerner: Cerner PowerChart Touch provides secure access to the EHR via a mobile device and facilitates fast, easy and smart workflows for physicians documenting patient care.
  • Clinically Speaking: CSpeak, by Clinically Speaking, is a Dragon Medical-based product dedicated to helping physicians and nurses navigate the EHR more efficiently, while eliminating transcription costs.
  • Dataskill: Understanding meaning from voice and using content and predictive analytics to illuminate correlations and optimize outcomes such reducing readmissions and length of stay in healthcare.
  • Epic: Nuance enables integrated speech-to-text for clinical documentation within Epic's mobile apps and EHR. Nuance CLU can also analyze notes for discrete data elements that physicians may file in a patient's chart. Epic customers can contact their Nuance Healthcare representative or call 866-748-9537 for more information.
  • EZDERM: EZDERM is a three-dimensional, truly mobile, iPad® and cloud-based Electronic Health Record designed by dermatologists for dermatology professionals.
  • Geriatric Practice Management: gEHRiMed is an ONC-ATCB certified ambulatory EHR designed and used specifically for and in the Long Term Care Market.
  • Hippo Manager: Hippo Manager is a free EHR that increases charting accuracy, streamlines billing and collections, eliminates transcription costs, reduces administrative duties and increases job satisfaction.
  • Lumeris: Lumeris is an accountable care delivery innovation company offering health systems, payers and providers operational support, technology and consulting services.
  • MDops: MDlog is a certified online EMR for Long Term Care Practitioners. Mobile dictation through an iPhone or iPad directly into MDlog enables faster patient rounds and quicker documentation.
  • Master Mobile Products: Effortlessly connect to multiple existing EHR/EMR systems anytime and from anywhere with MedMaster, a revolutionary mobile application optimized for the iPad and iPad mini.
  • Modernizing Medicine: EMA is an iPad-based, specialty-specific EMR system designed to save physicians time. Cloud-based, EMA includes medical knowledge and collects and stores data, enabling better patient care.
  • OneTouch EMR: Unlike the "bulky" and complicated EMR systems prevalent today, OneTouch EMR for the iPad was designed by doctors complete with familiar paper-charting workflow and all at the touch of a finger.
  • Origin Speech: Medical dictation integrated with your practice management software that supports self-correction and send for correction workflows on browsers and mobile devices.
  • is a Remote Interactive Nurse that leverages video, voice and body recognition, sensor integration and augmented reality to enable continuous, remote monitoring of patients after hospital discharge. The unique interface stimulates patient engagement and provides clinicians with data necessary to make treatment and disease management more efficient and convenient.
  • Sparrow EDIS: Track patients, enter orders, dictate notes, write discharge instructions, and prescribe medications all at the bedside with the only full-featured iPad EDIS.
  • SwiftPayMD: Physicians lose $6B in charges annually; SwiftPayMD™ solves this problem. The mobile platform enables voice driven point-of-care charge capture and real-time charge posting.
  • TalkChart: TalkChart™, by EvolveMed, is a cloud-based clinical documentation program that mirrors the way clinician's think. Its personalized NoteFlow™ and Touch-Talk-Type™ functionality intuitively drives productivity gains.

Are you a healthcare app developer looking to add voice and understanding technology to your mobile, web-based or desktop app? Join the more than 750 healthcare app developers that are leveraging Nuance's 360 | Development Platform.

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