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User Training on Dragon Medical

Most end users need some training in order to realize the full potential of Dragon Medical. The most valuable training is done in person and one-on-one, so that you can learn to use Dragon Medical while accomplishing actual work in your own office.

Nuance trainers typically do the following end-user training at an MHS facility:

  • An introductory demo / Q&A session for all Dragon Medical users or potential users, lasting 1 to 1.5 hours
  • One-on-one training, lasting 1.5 hours per new user or ½ to 1 hour per experienced user.
  • Followup one-on-one training as needed

Nuance can also provide a train-the-trainer class. This class is aimed at AHLTA trainers and application specialists, IT personnel, and Dragon super-users; it typically takes one day.

If you would like Nuance to provide training at your facility, contact your Nuance representative or submit a request to our project team here.

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