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Getting Started

Hints on Getting Started Before your Training

Using the Correct Specialty Vocabulary

  • When you start using Dragon Medical, you must force it to use the correct specialty vocabulary in order to get the most accurate result. It has no way to determine automatically what your specialty is.
  • When you use Dragon Medical for the first time, on the first screen of the Create User wizard make sure you choose the correct vocabulary by selecting it in the Vocabulary drop-down list.
  • In Dragon Medical 10, most specialties appear in the drop-down list. If yours does not appear, click the Help button, then in the Help window scroll down to the link "Choosing a Medical vocabulary to support your specialty" and click it.
  • In Dragon Medical 9, primary-care providers (family practice, internal medicine) should use the specialty vocabulary called GeneralPractice, and most other specialists can choose their specialty vocabulary by name. Click here for a list of specialties covered by each vocabulary in Dragon Medical 9.
  • If you already created and trained a user file without choosing the correct specialty, here is how to add the specialty vocabulary to your user file:
    1. On the Dragon toolbar click NaturallySpeaking, then Manage Vocabularies...
    2. Click the New button.
    3. In the drop-down list, select the correct specialty.
    4. In the Vocabulary Name box, type a name (preferably the same name as your specialty). Click OK.
    5. Click the Medical vocabulary to highlight it, then click the Delete button. (This step is optional. If you don't delete your Medical vocabulary, Dragon Medical will prompt you to choose between the two vocabularies every time you start it.)
    6. Click your specialty vocabulary to highlight it, then click the Open button.

Running the Tutorial

At the end of the New User wizard, you are given the option to run the Tutorial. The Tutorial is highly recommended if you are new to Dragon Medical.

If you would prefer to run the Tutorial later, you can get back to the tutorial by clicking Help, Tutorial on the DragonBar.

Commonly Used Commands

Here are two files that you can use to produce pocket-sized reference cards listing the Dragon NaturallySpeaking commands most commonly used by healthcare providers. These two files contain identical information, but version 1 is designed for two-sided printing and yields two cards, while version 2 is designed for a one-sided printout that you fold over to obtain a single card. Either version of the card can be laminated. Thanks to LCDR Steve Steffensen, formerly of Navy Hospital Pensacola and now at TATRC, for developing these cards.

Dragon Medical Commands - Voice Card 1 (.pdf 419kb)
Dragon Medical Commands - Voice Card 2 (.pdf 235kb)

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