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Improved VERA Funding

Improved VERA Funding

VERA Optimization Service
Nuance's VERA optimization service is designed to ensure equitable funding of health care services provided within a Veterans Affairs (VA) facility. The VERA Optimization Service:

  • Monitors VERA program for continued success
  • Decreases overall number of patients in the Nonreliant Care price group
  • Increases total number of patients in the Complex Care price group
  • Educates the work force on their individual impact to VERA


  • Continued use of VERA optimization service coupled with workforce training delivers ongoing improvements that continue after project completion
  • Enhanced physician queries specific to clinical documentation and coding for VERA
  • VERA education for coders to ensure VERA classification potential is not limited by errors in PTF 501 code assignment process
  • Improved VERA funding through targeted inpatient and outpatient audits designed to increase the complex patient classifications while decreasing the non-reliant care patients

Clintegrity 360 VERA Optimization:
Ensure your VA organization receives equitable funding for healthcare services you provide.

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