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ICD-10 Readiness Education

ICD-10 Readiness Education

ICD-10 Services
The upcoming ICD-10 transition will affect every system your organization utilizes today. The ICD-10 Countdown Program and suite of solutions will help you decrease productivity losses and successfully plan for the transition by:

  • Assessing your ICD-10 readiness and helping you create an action plan;
  • Helping you determine and reduce your financial risks;
  • Ensuring your IT systems are ICD-10 ready, and;
  • Educating your coders with the knowledge they need to be successful during the transition to ICD-10.

The comprehensive ICD-10 Countdown Program includes the following, which can be mixed and matched with other countdown program components to create a tailored ICD-10 program just for you.
ICD-10 Coding Simulator
ICD-10 Data Analytics

ICD-10 Education Training Simulator
ICD-10 Impact Assessment
ICD-10 Readiness Assessment Services
ICD-10 Countdown

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