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Nuance Acquires J.A. Thomas and Associates

Nuance Acquires J.A. Thomas and Associates as Part of Strategy to Revolutionize Clinical Documentation for Transition to ICD-10.

Nuance Communications, Inc. announced that it has acquired J.A. Thomas and Associates (JATA), the nation’s premier provider of physician-oriented, clinical documentation improvement (CDI) programs for the healthcare industry.

JATA helped establish the CDI industry and for more than two decades has provided technology and professional services that improve clinical documentation for healthcare providers. Its managed, end-to-end CDI solution has helped more than 500 hospitals improve patient care documentation by starting the CDI process with the physician at the point-of-care, resulting in more accurate and complete clinical documentation.

With JATA integrated into a single platform for end-to-end clinical documentation, the combined Nuance Healthcare solution will provide a revolutionary process for hospitals to efficiently transition to ICD-10 through the creation of more clinically accurate documentation. Nuance will deliver this capability by integrating the CDI strategies from JATA into Nuance’s Clinical Language Understanding Technology. Nuance’s CLU will power Dragon Medical 360 physician focused solutions and Quantim HIM Computer-Aided Coding (CAC) and CDI solutions for coders and CDI specialists.

For more information on how Nuance, Quantim and JATA are changing healthcare read more here.

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