Clintegrity 360 | Narrative Search

Extract searchable and actionable data from physician notes

A software solution that analyzes written language

Clintegrity 360 | NarrativeSearch is a clinical data-extraction tool built on Nuance’s Clinical Language Understanding (CLU) technology. CLU is a software that analyzes written language much like a human does when he reads, gleaning from text relevant information about a patient. After that, CLU structures information into discrete, standardized data. Clintegrity 360 | NarrativeSearch thus takes unstructured, narrative-based clinical documentation and instantly converts it into patient data that can be searched and utilized for regulatory and other clinical initiatives. Because the data can now be accessed, clinicians can continue to dictate using their preferred Clintegrity 360 | NarrativeSearch helps:

  • Unlock, transform and understand insights trapped within narrative documentation
  • Concurrent review of information in order to take action while patients are still in the hospital
  • Allows clinicians to continue using preferred dictation methods
  • Web-based application improves user access
  • Includes unique and powerful data extraction and on-demand reporting capabilities

Create searchable documents while maintaining preferred workflow

Physicians document patient information using their preferred workflow, dictating or typing the EHR or through the transcription platform. Dragon Medical 360 | NarrativeSearch takes unstructured, narrative-based notes and converts them—in real-time—into actionable, discrete data. Data then become available for searches and queries. Queries can be created, stored, shared and maintained by users. Clintegrity 360 | NarrativeSearch processes each document individually, to create patient lists that flag patient’s documents as having met or not met the query parameters. Unlike retrospective, academic, analytical databases, Clintegrity 360 | NarrativeSearch enables concurrent and clinically actionable searches.

  • Automated patient action lists
  • On-demand semantic search capabilities
  • Ability to export data in multiple formats
  • Easy-to-use tool does not require advanced programming knowledge

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