Clintegrity 360 | Compliance & ICD-10 Transition

Avoid claim denials and audits

A comprehensive knowledge base of clinical, financial, and statistical information and rules

With the number of coding regulations to keep track of, it’s easy to understand how facilities can be at risk for claim denials and audits. The transition to ICD-10 presents even more challenges, as your HIM staff faces an inevitable learning curve and risks to productivity. By reviewing the codes entered into your coding solution, Clintegrity 360 | Compliance ensures healthcare compliance with ICD-9 and ICD-10 CMS regulations, Office of Inspector General (OIG) targets, Revenue Edits, Data Quality Edits, as well as AHA and AMA coding guidelines. With its comprehensive knowledge base of clinical, financial, and statistical information and rules, Clintegrity 360 | Compliance will reinforce coding accuracy and quality data capture.

Reinforce coding accuracy and quality data capture

Clintegrity 360 | Compliance will alert you to potential coding and abstracting issues that may impact the reliability of your reimbursement process with built-in revenue edits. Additionally, Compliance enables real-time monitoring of documentation issues during the coding process, just as issues are identified. Your staff can create standard and ad-hoc reports on these issues to support your documentation improvement program. This also helps educate coding and provider staff, and facilitates sharing information with executive management.

  • Reduces claim denials and improves reliability of reimbursement
  • Improves documentation
  • Enhances performance improvement
  • Reduces the possibility of compliance audits
  • Enhances data-collection activities
  • Enables retrospective studies
  • Works with any coding system
  • Grows with your health system
  • Offers workflow flexibility

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Clintegrity 360 will help your organization quickly generate substantial revenue and operating savings by ensuring your clinical documentation chain is accurate, sound and fully adopted by physicians.

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