Clinical Document Improvement CDI

Proven results for over 20 years

Clintegrity 360 | CDI provides clinically-focused, evidence-based guidelines and processes successfully used in more than 500 implementations to achieve a 4-8% Case Mix Index improvement. Simultaneously improves critical quality and compliance-related measures.

Two decades of clinical documentation improvement

Nuance Healthcare’s approach to clinical documentation improvement backed by the JA Thomas Compliant Documentation Management Program® (CDMP®) brings a new level of accuracy to all your documentation.

We guarantee the success of your program by providing a complete solution that includes all the right technology tools, implementation, training, and ongoing support to engage your physicians and sustain the highest levels of quality over time.

Track record
For over 20 years JA Thomas’s program created by clinicians, for clinicians and supporting staff, has been successful in producing a guaranteed 4-8% Case Mix Index correction.

Our clients typically realize a return on investment on program costs within 4-6 months.

Compare your performance with peers to identify areas for improvement and sustain results over time.

Products & Services

Clintegrity 360 | CDI

Brings a new level of accuracy to all your documentation. A complete solution that includes all the right technology tools, implementation, training, and ongoing support to engage your physicians and sustain the highest levels of quality over time.

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Clintegrity 360 | CAPD

An automated extension of your CDI program, leveraging Nuance’s CLU engine to automatically suggest CDI clarifications to physicians in real time while they are concurrently documenting within their native EHR workflow, provides more complete documentation, higher staff productivity and improved physician satisfaction.

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ICD-10 Education & Services

The operational, clinical and financial viability of your health system will depend on the education and knowledge transfer of relevant, role-based education to prepare your organization beyond the ICD-10 compliance date. Mitigate the risks associated with the conversion and minimize the impact on patient care and workflow.

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Healthcare Conversations

Nuance Healthcare clients share their perspective

Nuance integrated solutions improve the bottom line

Brian Yeaman, MD, CMIO Norman Regional Health System in Norman, OK tells why Norman Regional Health System is using Nuance to improve physician workflow, clinical documentation accuracy and the bottom line.

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Nuance helps physicians tie into the system

Reid Conant, MD, President and CEO Conant and Associates, Inc., talks about how Nuance helps physicians become more efficient. Complete and accurate documentation from the start, drives improved patient care, enhanced financial integrity and increased compliance.

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"Note bloat" and EHR

Doctors can't possibly read all the information in a patient's chart. Clinical Language Understanding technology analyzes the record and presents it in a meaningful way to physicians that is actionable.

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Technology to Help Your Physicians with the Transition to ICD-10

In the changing world of healthcare reform, let Nuance Healthcare and J.A. Thomas show you what clinical documentation improvement success looks like.

A Clinically-Driven Approach to ICD-10

Break down institutional silos, enhance the collaborative relationships between physicians, documentation specialists, other clinical staff and HIM professionals.

Top 5 reasons to implement clinical documentation improvement (CDI)

Forward-thinking healthcare leaders are operationalizing CDI to drive better communication of care, reduce financial risk, improve quality reporting and create more effective patient care.

CDI and its Value in the Future of Healthcare Reform

Read why a clinically focused CDI program will lead to success during the transition from fee-for-service to an outcomes based reimbursement system

Case Study

Summit Health takes a comprehensive approach to Clinical Data Improvement with Clintegrity 360 Computer-Assisted Coding, CDI and Physician Education

Borgess Health Maximizes Reimbursement With Clinician-to-Clinician CDI Approach

Publications and news sites

How to Document Correctly with EHR Templates

Dr Nick van Terheyden advises that when using template-based electronic health records, physicians must make the most of the narrative space, and explains how speech recognition is an effective way to meet this need.

How Physicians can Ensure Context in the Medical Record

An interview with Nuance customer Dr. Brian Yeaman discussing the increased digitization of medical records and the critical role physician narrative plays in understanding the patient story.

3 Recommendations for Smoothing ICD-10 Transition Wrinkles

Nuance customer Cheryl Davidson, network manager for complaint documentation management at St. Luke’s University Health Network, talks about the “art of clinical documentation” as a critical part of the transition to ICD-10.

Healthcare Insights

Infographic - Priorities and strategies for CDI success

View this infographic and learn how financial leaders rank key topics including clinical documentation accuracy, decreasing denials, physician workflow and EHR adoption.

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