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Medical Transcription Solutions and Services

Transcription Solutions

Nuance Healthcare provides a full complement of solutions for clinical documentation and clinical transcription. Nuance’s HIM solutions combine advanced speech recognition technology with superior services and a single-source account management model to simplify your clinical documentation while maintaining quality. Our back end speech recognition platforms reduce turnaround time and cut costs without disrupting clinician workflow. At the same time, they lay the technological foundation for solutions such as mobile dictation and dictating directly in the EHR, and integrate with Nuance’s PowerScribe 360 | Reporting, and cutting-edge 360 | Clinical Understanding Services technology.

Dragon Medical 360 | eScription

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Capture the whole patient story on demand with an innovative background speech recognition solution that integrates with the EHR to streamline clinical documentation for the large healthcare enterprise.


Nuance Transcription Services

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Outsourced, full lifecycle transcription services for large and mid-sized enterprises that delivers cost-effective, on-time, high quality clinical documentation that scales to meet demand.


Clinic 360 | Transcription

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Outsourced medical transcription services designed specifically for clinics and specialty practices.

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