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PowerScribe 360

With PowerScribe 360, radiology departments can be confident they are using leading-edge technology designed to support best practice and work seamlessly with leading RIS/PACS solutions. PowerScribe 360 enables continuous quality improvement by streamlining the reporting delivery cycle and communicating relevant data through radiology speech recognition and transcription, critical test results management, and performance analysis.

PowerScribe 360 | Reporting

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Create and turn around diagnostic imaging interpretations faster than ever before with the industry standard for report creation, multi-site workflow, data capture and communication.

PowerScribe 360 | Critical Results

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Automated reporting solution for one-call-does-it-all simplicity that meets Joint Commission National Patient Safety Goals and American College of Radiology (ACR) critical results reporting guidelines.

PowerScribe 360 | Analytics

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Search based radiology analytics that enables the measurement and reporting of key metrics to drive desired results


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