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Dragon Medical Mobile SDK

Healthcare Development Platform

Dragon Medical Mobile SDK

The Dragon® Medical Mobile SDK (software development kit) will be offered to third-party healthcare information technology companies and partners. This SDK will allow developers, including EHR vendors, to build solutions that can incorporate Nuance’s Dragon Medical Mobile capabilities.

Eclipsys is the first healthcare information technology company to embed the Dragon Medical Mobile SDK within its mobile application suite to enable speech-driven navigation and clinical documentation. This differentiating feature is part of a third-generation mobile version of Eclipsys’ industry-leading Sunrise Clinical Manager™ EHR system for the iPhone.

The Dragon Medical Mobile SDK is an easy development platform that allows for real time speech recognition, audio recording, and search, as well as tight integration with smartphone based software.

The software development platform is for:

  • EHR vendors
  • Medical content providers
  • ePrescribing developers
  • Any other mobile application


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Dragon Medical Mobile SDK

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