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Dragon Medical 360 Mobile Solutions for Smartphones

Advanced mobile point-of-care solutions deliver speech-enabled search and real time medical dictation and transcription capabilities to the smartphone

Dragon Medical 360 Mobile Solutions

Today there is accelerating demand from clinicians for mobile medical applications that let them easily document, retrieve and communicate patient information at the point-of-care. Demand for these solutions is fueled by industry and federal government mandates to migrate medical information into Electronic Health Records (EHRs) expediently. In fact, research shows.

To help clinicians take full advantage of advances in mobile healthcare technology, Nuance Healthcare’s mobile strategy comprises four directions: medical search, real-time documentation, dictation and transcription workflow and healthcare developer tools.

Our advanced point-of-care solutions deliver real time mobile speech recognition-based capabilities to the smartphone so physicians, nurses and other caregivers can access clinical information efficiently and document patient encounters using their mobile devices. These solutions include:

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