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Dictaphone Enterprise Speech System

On-Premise, Dictation and Speech Recognition for Enterprise-Wide Medical Transcription

Dictaphone Enterprise Speech System

Dictaphone® Enterprise Speech System from Nuance is a leading on-premise medical dictation and transcription system, proven in over 3,000 provider organizations to significantly reduce transcription costs and speed report turnaround time through the efficient creation and distribution of medical reports.

System scalability and flexibility ensure Dictaphone Enterprise Speech System adapts to the diverse requirements of any size healthcare organization — across multiple departments and geographic locations. An investment in Dictaphone Enterprise Speech System also helps you keep pace with the latest advances in patient information management technology including speech recognition and valuable clinical applications.

Dictaphone Enterprise Speech System:

  • Improves financial performance by reducing the cost of transcription and the cost of creating electronic medical records. Dictaphone Enterprise Speech System enables providers to reduce turnaround time, leading to shorter lengths of stay in acute care settings.
  • Raises the quality of care by significantly reducing turnaround time for dictated and signed medical records. Faster, more complete medical records lead to care plans being put in place more quickly.
  • Increases clinician satisfaction by shortening the time between dictation and delivery of signed reports and by helping physicians quickly communicate results to referring physicians by enabling online access and electronic signature 

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Dictaphone Enterprise Speech System is comprised of four key components: dictation, transcription, document distribution and online reporting. Dictaphone Enterprise Speech System offers a:

  • Wide range of speech-driven dictation options to match diverse workflows and changing clinical documentation needs, all on a single platform.
  • Highly productive platform for medical transcription. Transcriptionists no longer need to type dictations from scratch. Instead, they review and edit highly accurate, formatted draft documents transcribed by speech recognition while listening to the physician’s dictation.
  • Complete set of options to control clinical documentation workflow and distribution.
  • Comprehensive reporting to manage transcription staff and production performance.


Dictaphone Enterprise Speech System Platform Components

Dictaphone Enterprise Speech System is comprised of four platform components:

VoiceSystem Software
Clinicians can use a powerful set of applications that establishes efficient dictation workflow to maximize transcription resources and improve report turnaround time.

TextSystem Software
A complementary set of applications that maximize transcription productivity with intelligent report distribution capabilities and integration with patient information systems.

Enterprise Workstation
A multi-purpose browser-based application that supports PC-based dictation, electronic signature and provider self-editing, as well as support for background-speech-assisted report editing by a medical transcriptionist.

Enterprise Turbo Speech
A speech recognition solution based on the Dragon engine that can double transcription productivity without impacting clinician workflow, for dramatic reductions in turnaround time and cost for the entire healthcare enterprise—all facilities, clinics and departments.

Dragon Medical 360 | Desktop Recorder
Enable clinicians to dictate from the same PCs they use regularly, then send the dictations to background speech recognition.


Dictation Features

Telephony and Dictation Station

Telephone and Dictation stations are broadly accepted dictation methods with simple and efficient controls to speed the dictation process.

Real-Time Speech Recognition

Real-time speech recognition allows clinicians to create complete medical reports without the need for transcription. Powered by Dragon® Medical speech technology, the software immediately recognizes spoken word changes and allows for additions anywhere in the report. Features include:

  • Worklists to eliminate demographic entry
  • Custom templates to pre-populate common report types with defaults and required fields
  • Short-cuts with commands to automate repetitive tasks
  • Voice normals for voice control
  • Add/train word to expand recognition accuracy  

Mobile Dictation

Mobile dictation provides convenient dictation options for clinicians who work in an ambulatory setting. Features include:

  • PDA to dictate wirelessly with work lists and optional electronic signature
  • Digital recorder for mobile dictation with PC upload

Transcription Features

Key features include:

  • Dictation playback with choice of keyboard or foot pedal to balance productivity and transcriptionist transition to speech editing
  • Magic keys with shortcut keystrokes for editing punctuation
  • Independent cursor allows transcriptionists to continue dictation playback while editing anywhere in the document
  • Pause suppression eliminates long periods of silence within dictations  

Industry Leading Speech Recognition

Dictaphone Enterprise Speech is powered by Dragon Medical speech technology, the healthcare industry’s leading speech recognition solution, and enhanced language models and custom post-processing capabilities to ensure the highest accuracy for all medical specialties.

Smart ReWrite™

Learns the structure and style of each physician’s documents and can automatically correct grammar mistakes, handle rephrasing, customize formatting, and learn new medical terminology.

Fluency Meter

Evaluates each physician’s dictations and speech recognition accuracy to determine which physicians are the best candidates for the technology.

Automatic Formatting

Automatically applies formatting and structure to meet unique and custom medical report requirements.

  • Auto-punctuation applies proper punctuation to draft documents whether explicitly or implicitly stated within the dictation.
  • Auto-section headings applies the proper formatted section headings to each document work type for each physician.
  • Voice normals automatically include standard document text blocks, per physician instructions. 

Quality Assurance

Control the accuracy and completeness of clinical documentation with workflow rules that control review and distribution. Rules are set up for the following options:

  • Site/location
  • Work type
  • Provider
  • Provider Role
  • Transcriptionist
  • Transcription Role 

Document distribution features

Intelligent Routing Scripts

Comprehensive rules that fully automate the distribution of finished documents to all recipients and locations. Rules are set up for the following options:

  • Site/location
  • Work type
  • Provider
  • Provider Role
  • Transcriptionist
  • Transcription Role  

Conditional Routing

Advance routing rules refine document distribution logic to meet complex distribution needs.

Complete Distribution Options

Documents can be delivered by print, fax, and email to match recipient and destination needs. Batch delivery provides delivery scheduling with custom sorting and cover sheets.

Web-based Document Viewing

Ability to securely view documents via a browser. Site and work type access restrictions.

Web-based Electronic Signature

Clinicians can conveniently review, edit, and sign reports. Advanced capabilities permit a wide range of signature options and include:

  • Proxy signature
  • Multiple signature
  • Carbon copy
  • Addendum support  

Reporting Features

Online Reporting

Web-based access to reporting makes managing the transcription process convenient and efficient. Reports summarize data and allow drill-downs to detail specifics.

Standards reports include:

  • TAT
  • Backlog
  • Dictation Summary
  • Transcription Summary 

Trending graphs

Trending graphs summarize performance over a period of time to show improvements. Trending graphs are available at the following levels:

  • Site Summary
  • Transcription Group
  • Transcriptionist
  • Worktype
  • Provider  

Data Exporting

If data needs to be manipulated, reporting offers convenient exporting functionality.


PowerMic™ II

The Microphone that Amplifies Physician Productivity

The Nuance PowerMic™II combines an ergonomic hand microphone with PC mouse functionality to help physicians achieve new levels of dictation speed, ease-of-use and productivity with traditional and speech recognition-based dictation. The Nuance PowerMic II employs simplified single-handed, thumb-controlled operation for dictating, navigating, reviewing and editing speech recognition generated documentation.

  • Improves physician productivity by enabling them to navigate report template fields quickly, then record and use “voice fill-in” capabilities to insert recognized text into report template fields.
  • Accelerates information flow by making it easier and faster to control voice recording, navigate and select fields in on-screen templates and standard reports, and move throughout recognized text reports for review and editing.
  • Increases clinician satisfaction by incorporating full-function, Microsoft® compatible, PC-mouse capabilities into the hand microphone, reducing the need to move continually between the microphone, mouse and keyboard.