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Nuance PowerScribe 360

Radiology reporting re-invented for a changing world

As the industry’s most trusted and widely used real-time radiology reporting solution, PowerScribe 360 Reporting 3.0 enables rapid, efficient generation of high-quality actionable reports that support continuous quality improvement and rapid turnaround times by streamlining report generation and communicating relevant clinical information throughout the healthcare enterprise.

Explore the Nuance PowerShare™ Network
For even greater collaboration, PowerScribe 360 Reporting users can quickly and easily join the Nuance PowerShare Network for robust medical imaging exchange and access to an extended network of healthcare professionals.

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Why PowerScribe 360 Reporting?

  • Accurate—Award-winning Dragon Medical speech recognition engine, delivering unsurpassed accuracy of up to 99%. More accuracy means less editing with PowerScribe 360 Reporting.
  • Customizable—A full range of dictation styles are supported to accommodate individual styles and preferences and provide maximum productivity and flexibility—whether you self-edit or use a transcription service.
  • Configurable—Built-in access to configurable data capture and extraction tools enables information to be captured when it is needed most, streamlining workflows and improving accuracy.
  • Structured—Quality measure reporting, registry participation, and data exchange with EHRs/EMRs is made easy with PowerScribe 360 Reporting’s structured data architecture, reducing error-prone and time-consuming manual data entry.
  • Flexible—Universal data integration capabilities allow easy import of data directly from modalities to improve productivity, reduce potential for error, simplify radiation dose, and provide other patient data reporting.
  • Efficient—Automated peer review saves time, improves efficiency, and drives quality improvements by eliminating cumbersome manual compliance processes
  • Mobile—Use mobile devices to search radiology-specific content to assist with diagnoses and securely edit, sign, and distribute reports for added speed and convenience.

What's new

What’s new in PowerScribe 360 Reporting?

PowerScribe 360 Reporting 3.0 delivers even greater reporting, analytical, and collaboration power.

  • Tabular presentation of patient data data streamlines longitudinal viewing for enhanced communication and tracking of changes in tumors and lesions, improved presentation of radiation dose data, and increased referring physician satisfaction.
  • Version control between subsequent reports improves resident education and allows administrators to readily assess report quality.
  • Rapid access to outside images through the Nuance PowerShare Network expedites care decisions and minimizes unnecessary repeat exams.


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Integrated solutions enhance PowerScribe 360 Reporting

Enhance your PowerScribe 360 Reporting solution for even greater reporting, analytical and collaboration power with integrated solutions.

  • Quality Guidance with accuracy checking. Quick and easy access to evidence-based clinical guidelines at the point of documentation enables consistent follow-up recommendations, reducing risks and improving patient outcomes, while the sophisticated Nuance Clinical Language Understanding (CLU) engine provides real-time feedback on errors and inconsistencies and helps ensure critical findings are not only identified but also appropriately communicated.
    Learn more about Quality Guidance
  • Critical Test Results Management. Rapid closed-loop communication of findings with automated documentation satisfies regulatory compliance and improves patient care.
    Learn more about PowerScribe 360 Critical Results
  • MONTAGETM Search and Analytics. Powerful tools for tracking and analyzing business and clinical performance provide efficient access to aggregate data for improved visibility and reporting of key metrics.
    Learn more about PowerScribe 360 MONTAGE Search and Analytics


PowerScribe 360 Reporting builds upon a sound technical foundation.

  • Cooperative development with leading EHR/EMR and RIS/PACS vendors ensures solutions work within existing infrastructures to maximize IT investments.
  • True multi-site, multi-tenant architecture with a lightweight, browser-based portal for administrators, radiologists, technologists, and referring clinicians.
  • Web Services API provides an open platform for custom application development and improved integration with existing IT infrastructures.

Professional Services

PowerScribe 360 Professional Services

PowerScribe 360 reporting and communication solutions are backed by the industry’s most experienced healthcare experts with a dedicated team of professionals who ensure a smooth deployment and provide expertise for your ongoing success.

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