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Nuance Transcription Services | Medical Transcription Outsourcing

Medical transcription outsourcing, the industry-leading background speech recognition platform for clinical documentation

Nuance Transcription Services

Nuance Transcription Services is a full-lifecycle outsourced transcription solution for clinical documentation. Nuance Healthcare sets up and maintains your transcription system and provides complete speech editing and transcription workflow management—all with single-vendor accountability. Healthcare organizations partner with Nuance Healthcare to produce and deliver completed documents within prescribed turnaround times and quality requirements. As a result, our customers significantly reduce the internal resources required to manage the transcription process, enabling greater focus on patient care and core business activities.

The technology at the core of this outsourced transcription services offering is the industry-leading
Dragon Medical 360 | eScription background speech recognition platform. With Dragon Medical 360 | eScription, intelligent background speech recognition software turns a clinician’s dictated audio into highly accurate, formatted draft documents that medical transcriptionists (MTs) quickly review and edit. This unique and powerful speech recognition software—which has received a Best-in-KLAS award for eight years running since 2004—dramatically improves MT productivity and delivers significant per-line cost savings when compared with traditional transcription.

Nuance Transcription Services offers the capabilities of the industry’s most experienced speech editors. Nuance has made significant investments to create a large, skilled transcription labor force of domestic and offshore MTs. In addition, to address the growing demands of our customers, Nuance Transcription Services includes a managed network of MT partner resources. As a result, Nuance Healthcare can offer flexible, scalable, and consistent MT production at lower per-line rates than traditional transcription services.

MTs are provided with a variety of innovative training resources and tools enabling them to work proficiently in the
Dragon Medical 360 | eScription environment. Further, to ensure transcriptionists deliver the highest quality documents, Nuance Transcription Services employs a rigorous TAT and quality assessment methodology.

Nuance Transcription Services minimizes direct IT costs because there is little investment in hardware. A Nuance Healthcare Account Manager services your organization during the implementation process and through all transcription activities, ensuring that your cost, quality and turn-around targets are achieved.

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KLAS “2011 Top 20 Best in KLAS Awards: Software & Professional Services” (December 2011)


ASP Architecture
Speech recognition servers are deployed in a secure data center, reducing customers’ upfront costs, simplifying maintenance, and enabling the software to draw upon the combined speech data of all customers to continually improve.

Interprets and Formats Documents
Dragon Medical 360 | eScription's powerful Interpretive Model interprets and formats clinicians' dictations, often determining what is meant for the report even if it is not exactly what is said. Please see the “Components” tab for more information.

Access to Experienced MTs
Speech editing services are provided by a large labor force of highly-trained MTs and editors employed by Nuance, domestic and offshore. A managed network of partners also supports our customers.

Flexible Dictation Interface
Clinicians have access to a powerful array of telephone keypad controls that allow them to conveniently record, review, and edit dictations by medical record, account or job number. There is no change to the clinician's workflow. Clinicians can dictate via phone, dictation device, PC microphone, smartphone and directly into the EHR.


Dragon Medical 360 | eScription Platform Components

Digital Voice Capture
Clinicians have multiple dictation options and can take advantage of a variety of features that streamline the dictation and transcription workflow. Clinicians can dictate via phone, dictation device, PC microphone, smartphone and directly into the EHR

Background Speech Recognition
The software's sophisticated speech models interpret and format dictations into high-quality draft documents with the primary goal of significantly improving MT productivity thus reducing transcription costs. Based on corrections from MTs, the models continually improve, resulting in better drafts over time.

Transcription Tools
Dragon Medical 360 | eScription's transcription tools enable MTs to efficiently edit draft documents, often doubling productivity over traditional transcription. Supervisors use priority rules, audit trails, user access rights, and other features to ensure high quality and fast TAT of completed documents.

Clinician Access and Electronic Signature
With Dragon Medical 360 | eScription, clinicians can securely review, revise, and electronically sign documents from remote locations via the Internet. Dragon Medical 360 | eScription helps your organization streamline clinician workflow to improve patient care.

Automated Document Distribution
The Dragon Medical 360 | eScription platform provides automatic, flexible distribution of completed documents through network printers and fax machines at your healthcare facility.



From the first kick-off meeting through day-to day implementation tasks, your project managers will work through a carefully-crafted installation process to meet project milestones while minimizing disruption to HIM staff and dictating clinicians. We help define a roll-out strategy that is right for your organization.

Account Management

During implementation and after go-live, a Nuance Healthcare Account Manager is responsible for day-to-day support, upgrades, and add-on needs, building close, long-term relationships with you in the process. Your Account Manager will ensure that your organization's TAT and quality goals are achieved.

Quality Assurance

To ensure transcriptionists learn and improve transcription skills as well as deliver the highest quality documents, Nuance employs a rigorous TAT and quality assessment methodology through pre-delivery and post-delivery stages of your deployment:

Quality Assessment (QA) Flags: flags anomalies and blanks for the QA team to resolve first, so you are asked for input only when necessary.

Retrospective Report Audit: random audit and scoring of reports by transcriptionists ensure problems are resolved quickly.

Turnaround Time (TAT) Delivery: measuring TAT from dictation to delivery, your Account Manager manages TAT performance to ensure your expectations are met—and even exceeded.

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