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Vocalizer Expressive

Text-to-speech with personality

Vocalizer Expressive is an embedded text-to-speech solution that provides enhanced expressivity for more natural sounding speech in a variety of applications and technologies.

Natural sounding voice

Seamlessly combines dynamic text-to-speech with pre-recorded audio and tuned text-to-speech segments to generate audibly pleasing speech output.

Embedded and cloud-based

Cloud based text-to-speech allows using large uncompressed voice models and regular lexicon updates on the server. Semantic analysis of the text improves overall pronunciation quality.

Localized for global audience

Nuance's broad language coverage supports 45 languages and features 84 different voices to reflect global need and audience.

Multi-use solution

Vocalizer Expressive enriches the user experience in a variety of applications ranging from automotive and consumer electronics to assistive technologies.


For a complete text-to-speech solution, Vocalizer Expressive Studio offers improved prompt tuning capabilities for optimizing applications.

Vocalizer Expressive applications


When used with Dragon Drive, Vocalizer Expressive offers the driver a hands-free, distraction-free experience with read out of all relevant information and an engaging voice-powered interface.

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Vocalizer Expressive provides natural sounding voice output to screen readers and other products that provide access to information for the visually impaired.

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Consumer electronics

Vocalizer Expressive enables brands to add personality to a range of products including TVs, home appliances, games and toys, language learning software and mobile phones.

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TTS technology has been successfully deployed and used to increase productivity and safety in warehousing stock picking and transportation.

User experience

Provides a more human-like interaction through natural language understanding, pronunciation accuracy, appropriate breaks for longer sentences, and emphasis on the correct words.

High linguistic accuracy offers correct readout for all types of text input including map data, music data and a large dictionary of person names.

Lively, natural speech
Gilded speech databases containing laughs, hesitations, and others aspects of speech provide a more natural experience.

Superior output quality
New signal processing algorithms and advanced syntactical analysis result in improved smoothness and natural prosody.

Enhanced expressivity
The Vocalizer Expressive voice has personality with a natural, fluent and lively speaking style, which provides an engaging user experience.

Improved long text readout
Vocalizer Expressive has been optimized for reading out long texts, such as news, emails and social media status updates more smoothly and naturally.

Direct phonetic input
Allows for optimal and seamless read out of off-line phonetic databases such as navigation map data.

Multi-lingual support
More accurate language identification and high-quality acoustic extensions provide superior foreign language readout.

User text rules
Customized read out of application specific abbreviations and text pattern is possible using a user text processing rule set.

User dictionaries
Application specific lexica can be phonetically optimized for accurate readout of exceptional pronunciations.

Global language and voice portfolio
Vocalizer Expressive currently supports 45 languages and features 84 different voices to facilitate the creation of global solutions using a single engine.

Celebrity voices
Nuance has partnered with Locutio to offer TTS services in celebrity and character voices ranging from The Simpsons to Star Wars. Darth Vader now available in English.


Custom configurations and optimization

Built-in domain intelligence
Optimization settings provide extra control options for special use cases such as SMS reading.

Improved prompt tuning
With off-line tuning options any prompt set can be further optimized and customized for maximum flexibility.

Seamless prompt insertion
Recorded audio prompts or tuned prompts can be blended with dynamic text to speech seamlessly by active prompt matching.

A wide range of footprints scaling from 2MB to 900MB ensures optimal performance on embedded platforms from very small mobile devices to powerful multi-media systems.

SSML support
Built-in embedded speech synthesis markup language (SSML) support allows for TTS-vendor independent markup. W3C conform solution can also be used for more generic applications.

Easy configuration on all platforms
Porting the core engine to a variety of embedded platforms is highly efficient and reliable. Voices and languages can be easily configured by adding data files.

Vocalizer Expressive Studio
This comprehensive, user-friendly tools suite allows developers to prototype and optimize speech output applications by easily creating optimization data such as user text rules, user dictionaries and prompts.

Custom voices
Custom voices can be built upon request to reinforce corporate branding, underscore product uniqueness and reflect a global user base.

Server-based TTS offering available
New Server TTS based on Vocalizer Expressive code base offers high-quality read out of long form text in the cloud. Use cases include news and email reading.

Consistent with VoCon voice recognition
Common Linguistic Component (CLC) shared with Nuance VoCon allows for pronunciation consistency between speech input and output.


Additional speech solutions

VoCon® Hybrid
A feature-rich, high-performance development suite for embedded and connected speech recognition applications.

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VoCon® Speech Signal Enhancement (SSE)
A suite of technologies that work together to remove noise from microphone input and send out a cleaner signal.

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