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Text Input Solutions

Text input done right

Nuance's T9® products include an array of applications that leverage patented predictive text technology, making text input faster and easier on mobile and consumer electronic devices.

The benefits

Faster, easier

With T9® Smart Input products, users may tap, type, trace, or use handwriting to enter text in over 80 languages.


This patented technology enables faster, simpler text entry across an array of mobile and consumer electronic devices. T9® is also adaptive for a highly personalized, interactive experience.


Input supports over 80 languages, including complex scripts such as Indic, Chinese, Japanese and Korean. It is the leading choice for text entry on today’s sophisticated mobile devices.

Our Solutions

T9® Text Input

T9® stands for "Text on 9 keys". It is a predictive text application that unlocks the power of numeric keypads by allowing you to enter text using "one key press per letter".

Key Features:

  • "One Key Press Per Letter" text entry
  • Next Word Prediction
  • Word Order Preferencing
  • Enhanced Word Completion

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XT9® Smart Input

XT9® is a multimodal text input solution with an advanced feature set that can be integrated into 12key, 20key, Qwerty, and touchscreen devices.

Key Features:

  • Form Factor Versatility
  • SloppyTypeTM Error Correction
  • Enhanced Prediction
  • Smart Punctuation

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T9 Nav® Smart Search

T9 Nav® is a mobile search application that lets you find anything on your phone. Just type in the first few letters and there it is.

Key Features:

  • "One Key Press Per Letter" input
  • Targeted keyword based search
  • Unlimited category content indexing
  • Adapts to user behavior

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T9 TraceTM

T9 TraceTM a new continuous touch text input application that eliminates the need to "hunt and peck" keys on a touchscreen panel by allowing you to simply "trace" letters to enter text.

Key Features:

  • Seamless multimodal text entry
  • SloppyTypeTM Error Correction
  • XT9® Backup
  • Smart Punctuation

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T9 WriteTM

T9 WriteTM is a handwriting input solution for touchscreen devices that recognizes naturally shaped letters, numbers, symbols and punctuation in over 40 languages.

Key Features:

  • Finger or Stylus Input
  • OnTop Writing
  • Enhanced Word Prediction
  • Global Language Coverage

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T9 OutputTM

T9 OutputTM is a complete solution for handling multilingual user interface and text editor in mobile and CE devices. It contains 3 core components: a rendering engine, an editor and a font library.

Key Features:

  • Rich text rendering / editing
  • Special effects input & output
  • Complex language / script support

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