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Nina Web intelligent virtual assistants bring brands to life on enterprise websites, increase conversion rates, and offer visitors an easy, quick, and accurate way to find exactly what they need.


How Nina Web is used


Nina Web is the ideal brand ambassador. Nina never sleeps, never slips, and always stays on-brand. Nina can integrate your brand personality into your site and can be a trusted guide.


Nina Web can be a personal shopper for your customers. By engaging in conversation, Nina helps your customers with research, ordering, shipping, returns and exchanges.  All adding to shopper-confidence, encouraging return visits, and increasing the value of transactions.


Nina Web gives your customers immediate support and answers to their most critical questions, without the delays that create customer frustration. And with 90% cost savings over a call placed to your contact center and over 80% resolution effectiveness, Nina Web becomes the primary point of contact for effective self-service.

Watch how Nina Web delivers a more human digital experience.


Delivering transformational business value

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Coca Cola
Lean how The Coca Cola Company reduced calls to its contact center with Nina Web.

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Discover how Nina Web improved brand perception while also reducing operational costs.

The benefits


Customers get right to the solution they need in a single step. Using their voice to ask a question cuts out the need to navigate menus and scroll through search results. It's simple, natural and the quickest way to get what they need.


Because Nina Web understands complex questions, it delivers the exact right solution and doesn't leave the customer to choose between options. This precision is what makes the Nina Web interface seem much more like a human interaction.


By improving the resolution rate of customer requests on the web and increasing the self-service containment rate, Nina web enables your live agents to focus on delivering service where it's truly needed.

What can Nina Web do?


Intelligent virtual assistants naturally, quickly and accurately understand online text-based styles such as slang, misspellings, and grammatically incorrect sentences. In addition, a well-designed virtual assistant also reflects your company’s unique image and tone, resulting in a strengthened brand.


Acting as a personal guide, the virtual assistant provides “the one right answer” or guides the customer to complete transactions with the least amount of user effort.


Each conversation a virtual assistant has with a customer can be captured, analyzed and aggregated to deliver real-time insights into customer needs as well as identify opportunities for web site improvements.

What's in Nina Web?

Nina Virtual Assistant Service

Nuance-hosted technology that provides the power and intelligence to Nina. Innovative algorithms developed by Nuance capture the intent of the conversations to provide rapid and relevant answers to customers’ queries.

Nina Web Agent

Customizable personas reflect your brand identity for a virtual assistant tailored to your unique business needs. Provides a natural conversational interface that understands what your customers need and navigates them to the right place quickly and accurately.

Nina IQ Studio

Keeps your virtual assistant up to date with automatic learning and a robust toolset. “Voice of the Customer” provides customizable virtual assistant dashboards and dynamic reports that deliver insights within minutes.

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