Meeting the call for increased productivity

As your on-premise dialer approaches end-of-life, move to the cloud to reduce costs, maximize productivity and deliver better results.

Nimble. Scalable. Affordable.

We’ve unified robust dialer software and automated outbound campaigns on a single cloud platform, giving resource-constrained call centers the tools they need to optimize contact rates and respond to unexpected call volume – at any point in the day.

More than 85% agent occupancy

Less than 5% abandonment

The benefits

Maximized utilization

Proprietary pacing algorithms routinely deliver industry-leading occupancy – exceeding 85% – without sacrificing low abandonment rates.

Increased flexibility

Easily tune calling strategies mid-day, effortlessly respond to unexpected spikes in call volume and seamlessly support virtual agents in multiple geographies.

Reduced cost

Cloud economics eliminate license, support and maintenance fees while freeing you from hardware and telephony constraints. Deployment, independent of IT, rapidly delivers benefits.


Focus on results, free from traditional constraints

Intraday optimization

Easily shift campaigns between teams, change filter criteria or tune strategies to optimize results mid-day. Use intuitive campaign controls to move records from live agents to automated outreach to ensure consistent campaign execution.

Agent productivity

From right-party connect functionality to proprietary pacing, the Cloud Dialer is designed to increase agent efficiency. The intuitive user interface includes real-time screen pops with the information agents need to successfully engage each customer.

Supervisor functionality

Real-time input and controls simplify multiple, simultaneous and concurrent campaign management. Monitoring tools to observe, score, coach and barge in on any conversation improves agent productivity.

Flexibility and scale

The Cloud Dialer simultaneously supports agents working in multiple contact centers and those working from home leveraging either desk or soft phones. Capacity is fluid, so you can scale up or down based on seasonality, agent availability or list penetration – while running simultaneous campaigns with ease.

Security and compliance

We take your productivity seriously, guaranteeing 99.9% uptime and ensuring a secure infrastructure through ISO 27001 and Level 1 PCI DSS certifications. Integrated compliance controls ensure your campaigns adhere to the state and federal regulations governing consumer outreach.

Integrated reporting

Our robust reporting solution provides both the data and tools required to view, analyze and share meaningful results. Dashboards monitor and surface any variance in normal performance while flexible reports facilitate in-depth analysis to optimize campaigns and increase ROI.

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