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Voice Quality Assurance

Solution for Contact Centers

Transform your Call Center audio quality with the Voice Quality Assurance solution

Simply put, Voice Quality Assurance (VQA™) make telephone calls sound better; in fact, significantly better – on any call, any network, anywhere, anytime. Why is this important? Enabling clear, impairment-free calls makes communicating more efficient and productive. 

With improved quality in the caller experience there is also marked rise in agents’ performance thanks to the VQA solution’s immediate impact in reducing Average Call Handling Times that delivers the bottom line cost reduction benefits all cost centers today are continuously looking to improve.

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Improve customer experiences

Voice is the universal communications medium. Wouldn’t it be great if it was always clear, concise, and precise?

Our VQA Solution provides a comprehensive set of voice processing features that will increase the intelligibility of calls, ensuring a positive and productive call, regardless of the method or technology used to communicate with the contact center.

VQA provides noise reduction, enhanced voice intelligibility, voice level control echo control, and measures call characteristics non-intrusively on every call in real time, ensuring consistent and clear communications experience for both ends of every call, on any network.


Implementing a VQA solution will...

  • Reduce Average Call Handling Time (ACHT)
  • Increase agent call handling productivity
  • Decrease agent fatigue attributed to auditory filtering and perception
  • Reduce IVR false detections related to the presence of loud ambient noise or echo on calls
  • Create consistent customer interaction efficacy regardless of the location of an in bound caller
  • Increase Average Calls Answered (ACA) per agent
  • Reduce per call cost

VQA for Contact Centers - The Quality Solution

VQA delivers voice processing for contact centers, non-intrusively detecting and eliminating problems from sources that can degrade voice quality, such as:

  • Network-induced impairments (e.g.,noise, echo, and speech levels)
  • Impairments from agent and caller devices (e.g., telephone, mobile, headsets)
  • Impairments from agent and caller environments (e.g., restaurants, cars, airports).



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Designed to seamlessly fit within today’s Contact Center environment, the VQA solution complements existing technologies and telephony implementations, and integrates easily with existing TDM or IP networks by placing it in-line with metallic or optical bypass.


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