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Outbound and Proactive
Notification Regulations

Resources and Best Practices for Contacting your Customers  Legally, Ethically and Effectively

Outbound proactive notifications require your company to comply with regulations, industry policies and privacy standards. Nuance Notification Hub lets you maintain customer profiles to identify desired types of interactions thus improving the customer experience and ensuring that your business is achieving regulatory compliance in its outbound notifications.


Voice Notification Regulations

  • FCC: The Telephone Consumer Protection Act, 1991 - click here for the main rules regarding voice notifications.
  • FTC: The Telephone Sales Rule, 2003 – click here to download
  • FCC: Telephone Consumer Protection Act – click here for consumer facts

SMS Notification Regulations

  • MMA: Mobile Marketing Associations Policies and Guidelines - click here for the industry standards regarding SMS notifications.
  • MMA: Mobile Marketing Association Common Short Code Primer - click here for an overview of SMS common short codes.
  • CSCA: Common Short Codes Administration - click here for the organization that administers common short codes in the United States.

Email Notification Regulations

  • CAN-SPAM: Federal Trade Commission CAN-SPAM Act – click here for a compliance guide for businesses.
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