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Mobile VocalPassword™

Easy access and improved security for mobile applications

Eighty percent of the top 100 mobile applications available today require a username & password. Typical password length is anywhere from six to 16 characters, that include a combination of letters, numbers and special characters. Remembering passwords is a challenge. Typing them on small, mobile devices is even more challenging.


"My Voice is My Password"

Nuance Mobile VocalPassword™ is a voice biometric authentication solution designed to provide smartphone users with an easy yet secure app authentication experience. No more passwords results in higher app usage, and enhanced security enables more self-serve capabilities, resulting in a powerful app experience. Nuance Mobile VocalPassword delivers easy and secure mobile authentication by having users speak a simple passphrase, such as “My voice is my password.” Mobile VocalPassword eliminates the requirement to 1) remember a password and 2) type it on a small device. Both are opportunities to lose mobile customers to other service channels.


The World's Most Deployed Voice Biometrics Solution

Nuance VocalPassword is the world’s most deployed voice biometric solution. It verifies a speaker during an interaction with a mobile application. It can be text dependent or independent, but it is always language and accent independent.

Nuance Mobile VocalPassword is tailored for the needs of enterprise apps, where authentication is typically conducted on a server to comply with security requirements. It also enables enterprises to leverage the voiceprints collected in their app for use in other channels, such as within the call center or for Website authentication.

 Mobile VocalPassword Demo

 Top 3 Use Cases for Mobile VocalPassword: Enroll, Enter and Transact   



Enroll Voiceprint as Part of User Registration Process

  • User shown text to speak during registration process`
  • User provides 3 voiceprints along with username
  • Voiceprints associated with username


Voice-based Authentication to Enter a Mobile Application

  • Authentication required to log into Mobile application
  • User shown the option to either enter password or speak a passphrase
  • User speaks his passphrase and is authenticated


Voice-based Authentication to Securely Transact within a Mobile application

  • Authentication required to perform secure transaction within Mobile application
  • User shown the option to either enter password or speak a passphrase
  • User speaks his passphrase and is authenticated
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96% of consumers make mistakes typing their passwords in mobile apps. 10% make mistakes every time! Eliminate the hassle of remembering and typing in passwords on virtual keyboards, letting customers use their voice as their password. 
-Source: Nuance Research, February 2012
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