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Nuance Advanced Dialog Modules


Specialized Building Blocks for Complex Data Collection Tasks in Your Speech Application

Nuance Dialog Modules are prepackaged, reusable, highly configurable VoiceXML speech application building blocks which feature the built-in experience of our Professional Services team. Advanced Dialog Modules use multiple steps and sophisticated techniques to complete more complicated collection tasks such as a full name or email address. The modules are licensed separately.

Spelling Dialog Module DialogModules Thumb 4

Recognizing alphanumeric strings is a challenge, since so many letters and numbers sound alike. This module uses dialog techniques such as chunking, correction and realignment to break the collection task down into smaller steps.


Email Dialog Module DialogModules Thumb

Email addresses are a more specific spelling challenge. If this module doesn’t recognize the email address in one try, it separates the task into information before and after the at-sign, using techniques from the spelling dialog module.


Name Dialog Module DialogModules Thumb 3

Using a database of one million names from census data and other sources, this module collects first and last names independently. It can also allow the caller to spell their name to improve your success rate. Available for select countries.


Address Dialog Module DialogModules Thumb 2

Using an address database, this module collects city/state, postal code, and street address information. It understands alphanumeric apartment numbers such as 32-B. You can also subscribe to receive monthly updates. Available for select countries.


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