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Nuance Public Security Solutions

Delivering Solutions for a Safer World

Powerful Voice Solutions for Public Security

Nuance is the global leader in public security solutions that employ voice biometric and other speech technologies. Nuance delivers successful security solutions to government, military, intelligence and law enforcement agencies to assist in crime prevention, investigation efforts, and voice analysis.

Nuance Identifier

Nuance Identifier is a highly accurate voice biometric solution that allows public security officials to quickly and easily identify known individuals through their voice within large audio data sets, as well as enroll voiceprints for individuals under surveillance or investigation to:

  • Connect the dots – quickly
  • Deliver operational efficiencies by minimizing manual audio analysis

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Nuance Mobile Identifier

Nuance Mobile Identifier is a fully embedded real-time mobile voice biometric solution that allows public security officials to identity individuals of interest in the field, on a hand-held device, without requiring connectivity. Nuance Mobile Identifier can identify known individuals by their voice as well as enroll voiceprints of individuals under surveillance or investigation. Nuance Mobile Identifier operates seamlessly with other Nuance Public Security solutions, enabling quick and seamless data sharing.

  • Identify individuals in the field
  • Collect a voiceprint during a live in-field interrogation

Nuance Forensics

Nuance Forensics is a web-based voice biometric software solution designed to provide forensic examiners and law enforcement investigators with the ability to quickly and accurately match an individual’s identity from audio captured during a criminal investigation.

  • Assist successful prosecutions or defence with comprehensive Voice Biometric Forensic Reports
  • Advance active investigations by biometrically linking targets with audio statements
  • Leverage language, dialect and gender detection capabilities to reduce investigative resource requirements

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