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Loquendo TTS Demo

Indian English


Hello! Do you have a minute? Let me introduce myself! My name is Veena. I'm one of Loquendo's female voices, and I speak Indian English. You see, here at Loquendo, even computers can show their feelings. See you soon! Bye!

American English


Hey! Hello everybody! I'm Steven, Loquendo's brand new American voice. Nice to meet you! Sorry what did you say?! You didn't know that a machine could be so happy? Definitely!! Why not! But sometimes we get depressed, too. Well! You see, here at Loquendo, even computers can show their feelings.


Ooops sorry! Hello and welcome! My name is Allison. Hi! I'm Loquendo's latest emotional voice, sometimes I'm happy and sometimes I'm not, sometimes, I go a little bit crazy. If you'd like to hear more of me or any of Loquendo's voices, getting in touch with their emotions, go to



Hello everybody! Let me introduce myself! My name is Allison. I'm the latest American voice from Loquendo. I can speak with genuine expression and emotion. Wonderful! Amazing!


Susan, Dave

Susan: Hello?! Dave: Yes?! Susan: Hi! Dave: Who's there? Susan: It's me! Dave: Looking for something?! Susan: That's right! I'm looking for a voice. Anybody there?! Dave: Yes! Here! Whistle I'm stuck, inside this tiny computer. Susan: Really?! Are you kidding?! How is it? In there, inside the computer? Dave: Small, very small. And very very hot. Susan: Wait! Don't move!! I'm coming in. Oh! There you are! I see you now. Hey! Good to meet you! How is it going! Dave: Not good! There's not enough room for two, no way!! Look out!! Here comes a CD, Ouch! Aw! Susan: Ow!


Susan, Dave

Dave: Good afternoon! Thanks for calling. This is Dave Loquendo speaking, how can I help you?! Susan: Dave, we're not at the office. Dave: Oh I'm so sorry! Er…The six fifteen train for Boston, leaves from platform number 9. Susan: No!! We're here on the Loquendo website. Dave: Ah...So?! What should I talk about? Susan: Anything at all, whatever you like. Dave: Really?! Susan: Sure!! By all means! Dave: What! Without even a script? You must be kidding!


UK English

Elizabeth, Simon, Susan, Kate

Elizabeth: Hi! My name is Elizabeth. Here at Loquendo, we're getting in touch with our emotions. Simon: I'm depressed! Susan: I'm bored to tears! Kate: I'm sick to death of it! Elizabeth: Oh come on now! Cut it out! Has no one got anything positive to say? Simon: Um Kate: Er Elizabeth: Listen carefully! Repeat after me: I feel Fantastic! Brilliant! Wonderful! Hurrah! You see?! You see what you can do, if you try.



This is Simon speaking. How do you do?! I'll keep it short! Right! I would like to show you a new developement, but first... Do you have a drink? It's so hot inside this fancy computer. Good! Are you still there?! Pardon me! Anyway! I'm outta here!


Simon, Kate

Kate: Good afternoon! Today we're talking to Mr Simon Loquendo. Well, Simon is a bit special, is that correct?! Simon: Well, yeah! As a matter of fact, I'm not actually a real person at all. Kate: Really? I don't believe you! You can't be serious! Simon: It's true though. I'm one of the synthesised voices from Loquendo. Lovely people by the way. Kate: Do you think so? Anyhow! Why did those guys synthesize your voice? Simon: Because people can use me to say the things that they don't want to say themselves. Kate: I see. So if they want you to answer the phone every day and every night, you'll just do it. Is that right?! Simon: Exactly! And, I'll tell you a secret if you like. Kate: Please do! Simon: Well! You, Kate, are a synthesized voice as well. Kate: Don't be ridiculous! No one would ever believe that.


Australian English

Grace, Alan

Grace: Hey! Nice to see you! I'm Grace, Loquendo's brand new Australian voice. Alan: And I'm Alan. Hello everybody! Do you have a minute?! Listen!! Our voices sound pretty good, right?! Guess what?! You can make them sound even better. What?! You didn't know that a computer could be happy? Grace: Yeah! Why not! Alan: But sometimes we get depressed too. Well! You see, here at Loquendo, even machines can show their feelings.




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