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On Demand Insight


Dynamic Reporting and Visual Analysis of Your Hosted IVR Platform’s Performance and Your Customers’ Behavior

Nuance On Demand Insight is a suite of dashboard, reporting and analysis tools that provide you with practical insight for improving the caller experience and informing business decisions. Accessed through a secure Web portal, these graphical and highly interactive views give you clear visibility into containment rates, transfer rates, error rates, task completion rates and dominant paths for driving your IVR’s performance and customer satisfaction.


Benefits of Nuance On Demand Insight

  • Understand and Improve caller experience
  • Visualize IVR Key Performance Indicators
  • Gain real-time visibility and access to historical data
  • Leverage our hosted infrastructure

Understand and Improve Caller Experience

Nuance On Demand Insight lets your business managers visualize trends and patterns in caller interactions, understand customer needs and enhance the caller experience and customer satisfaction.

Visualize IVR Key Performance Indicators

Your contact center managers can quickly analyze IVR menu choices, common paths and fallout points to identify improvement opportunities that increase automation and reduce costs.

Gain Real-time and Historical Visibility

Enjoy high-level insights with instant drill-down capabilities from your secure Web portal that does not require you to learn any query languages. Use the flexibility to set your own filter criteria and generate reports on-the-fly and export detailed data.

Rely on a Hosted Infrastructure

Your reports and analyzers are running on Nuance On Demand and are updated as your self-service applications change. You have comfort in knowing Nuance’s global design best practices are there to support you.

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