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Nuance Speech University:
Expanding The Skills Of Your Team


Training and Certification for Our Contact Center Customers and Partners

Nuance Speech University offers training classes, learning paths and certification programs designed to transfer our best practices and solution knowledge to our customers and partners. A team of instructors who’ve already ‘walked the walk’ on speech projects deliver hands-on, real-world courses to help you install, build, manage and maintain successful contact center speech applications.

Our curriculum includes nearly 20 courses, divided into three levels, as summarized below.


Nuance Speech University Enables Your Team To:

  • Ensure efficiency throughout the project lifecycle
  • Define strategies to reduce debugging time
  • Learn to effectively analyze and interpret deployment data
  • Write and test grammars using Nuance tools
  • Write prompts that employ best practices for user interface design
  • Increase self-sufficiency on speech tools and processes
  • Plan for key deliverables throughout the speech application lifecycle
  • Create a great service reputation for your business

Speech University Curriculum

Our 100 level QuickStart package teaches your team networked speech application basics and prepares individual team members for advanced courses targeting their particular skill sets. The QuickStart package includes five 90-minute modules delivered via the Web using the latest in instructional design strategies and software to ensure an outstanding user experience.

The 200 level classes establish the foundational knowledge needed by each member of your speech team including operations and support, working directly with elements of the user interface design, updating the grammars or tuning and analysis of deployment data.

For 300 level classes you work with Speech University staff to customize advanced skills development classes using your actual application design specification, grammars, and deployment data.


Level 100

QuickStart Package

  • How Speech Technology Works
  • Designing for Successful Caller Experience
  • Developing Successful Grammars
  • Fine Tuning Successful Applications
  • Managing Successful Speech Projects



Level 300

At the 300 level, Speech University recommends workshops that build on the information offered in 200 level classes and that add workshop activities using your design, your code, and/or your deployment data, and addressing issues or questions directly applicable to your applications and your customers. Contact us to discuss a customized curriculum targeting the precise needs of your team members.





Per usual the Nuance training was outstanding. I thought you did a great job keeping us on track and delivering the content in an amusing and interactive way. 
-Senior User Interface Designer
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