Dragon Drive

Car meets cloud. It’s the era of the in-car personal assistant.

Dragon Drive brings the personal assistant into the car - making driving safer, easier, and more pleasant. You handle the driving. Dragon Drive helps with the rest.


Today’s drivers want to interact in a natural and personal way with smart cars connected to their daily lives.

Dragon Drive is an end-to-end voice and content delivery platform giving drivers access to their personalized content and services, ensuring seamless connectivity and a superior driving experience.

Dragon Drive offers much more than an integrated, connected automotive experience. It brings the in-car personal assistant to the modern driver that tailors the driving experience and turns the car— and car brand — into a trusted partner.

Discover the benefits

See Dragon Drive voice command in action as it orchestrates connected yet distraction-free driving.

The benefits

What we offer you

Brand enhancement

Ensure your connected car tech reflects YOUR brand and personalized to your target user’s experience. Drive increased brand value, increased customer loyalty, increased market share.

Continued innovation

Differentiate your brand through continued innovation. Deliver cutting-edge connected car experiences across platforms and operating systems that work both on- and off-board.

Intuitive interaction

We deliver mobile apps, cloud content, and infotainment services through a seamless integration of the vehicle head unit with the driver’s smart phone – all by voice. Happy drivers will stay tuned to your brand.

What we help you offer your customers

Driver-friendly services

Dragon Drive provides drivers easy access to content and services, anytime, anywhere through the use of voice recognition and natural language understanding. No more reaching for knobs or memorizing phrases that take focus away from the road. All about the brand! OEMs can fully customize the overall experience including look & feel, domains, content partners, languages, and voices.

An in-car personal assistant

Dragon Drive provides a deeply personalized infotainment experience with smart integration of context, history, and driver preferences. As drivers enter their cars, they get their commute times, calendars, stocks, sports, dinner reservations and more. It’s the content they want, when they want it.

Seamless connectivity

Drivers stay connected to infotainment services with over-the-air updates and the ability to access content, even on foot, via a mobile device. Whether it’s via the cloud, your mobile phone, or head unit, they remain seamlessly connected to their connected lifestyles – and you.

Dragon Drive CES 2016 Award
Nuance’s Dragon Drive Automotive Assistant Named CES 2016 Innovation Awards Honoree

Dragon Drive Automotive Assistant, an in-car conversational, proactive and virtual personal assistant, was selected to be a CES 2016 Innovation Awards Honoree.

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Dragon Drive CES 2015 Award
Nuance's Dragon Drive Named as 2015 CES Innovation Awards Honoree

Products chosen as CES Innovation Honorees reflect innovative design and engineering in some of the most cutting edge tech products and services coming to market.

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The CES Innovation Awards are based upon descriptive materials submitted to the judges. CEA did not verify the accuracy of any submission or of any claims made and did not test the item to which the award was given.

We drive solutions

Drivers expect an in-car connected lifestyle that is uniquely personalized and tailored specifically for their lives. And they want it to work easily and quickly. Whether they want on-board, mobile phone, or a hybrid of both, Nuance provides an end-to-end connected car platform offering a consistent user experience.

Dragon Drive provides a natural language interface, content, user authentication, audio decoding management, notification engines and more. It is the gateway interface to Nuance technologies.

Dragon Drive Solution
Your personal assistant

It’s not enough to just be connected in the car. Drivers want a personalized and secure in-car experience that is tailored with the content they want when they want it. They want to transcend the walls of their home and location of their office and enjoy their unique personal context.

Natural language voice interface

Communicates with the driver in a natural and intuitive way . It understands naturally spoken commands and reads out information with a customizable, human-like text-to-speech voice. Drivers can pull content from any source, whether it’s embedded in the vehicle’s head unit, from a server, or both through natural conversation. Drivers can barge-in and the personal assistant will listen and react. Or a personal wake-up word will activate the personal assistant immediately.

Content services

Dragon Drive’s robust platform provides access to popular, personalized and up to date infotainment experiences that drivers want in today’s digitally connected lifestyle. OEMs can easily manage content and vehicle owners can get safe and secure access to a wide range of third party services.

Voice biometrics

The driver’s voice is their password. The personal assistant can identify the driver by their unique voice characteristics and will adjust all settings - seat, mirrors, temp, and more - to deliver a truly personalized experience. And of course, it protects the driver’s personal data.


Dragon Drive provides sophisticated managed connectivity between the vehicle‘s head unit and the driver’s mobile phone, including user authentication and over-the-air updates. The applications can be seamlessly controlled by the smartphone, the head unit, or a combination of both. It supports service updates and integration, user authentication, and over-the-air updates with our rich network of 3rd party providers.

Hybrid solution

Dragon Drive is a hybrid solution combining the best of two worlds: Embedded infotainment and cloud based services. It safeguards against connectivity interruptions and offers seamless access to all services and content regardless where these reside.

Business intelligence

Dragon Drive provides robust, real-time dynamic data collection, reporting, and analytics to provide powerful insights into your customer’s preferences and help you make the most of your strategic investments.

Dealer relationship management

A vehicle with a built-in telecom module has the power to preserve a connection between the car maker, the dealer, and the vehicle itself. Imagine scheduling dealership service appointments quickly and efficiently while integrating advertising messaging.


Dragon Drive supports over 30 languages, including all major Western and Asian languages, which helps reduce the cost and risk of maintaining multiple suppliers for different languages. Global OEMS can expanding their total addressable market and shorten the time to launch products into new growth regions.

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