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Vocalizer Expressive

Nuance's Vocalizer Expressive is a new generation of text-to-speech solutions that enriches the user experience with enhanced expressivity.  Improved multilingual support and optimized readout of long text enable high quality speech output for a variety of applications ranging from automotive and consumer electronics to assistive technologies and industrial applications.

Vocalizer Expressive generates high quality and natural sounding speech by seamlessly combining dynamic text-to-speech with pre-recorded audio and tuned text-to-speech segments.  For a complete text-to-speech solution,  Vocalizer Expressive Studio now offers improved prompt tuning capabilities for optimizing and customizing applications.


  • Enhanced expressivity The new Vocalizer Expressive voice has an appealing personality for the most natural and engaging user experience possible.

  • Improved long text readout New signal processing algorithms improve overall smoothness of the voice and advanced syntactical analysis gives the spoken text a natural prosody for more realistic sounding speech output.
  • Multi-lingual support More accurate language identification and high-quality acoustic extensions provide superior foreign language readout.
  • SSML (speech synthesis markup language) Vocalizer Expressive supports SSML to allow for TTS-vendor independent markup
  • Industry's largest language portfolio Vocalizer Expressive currently supports 43 languages and features 72 different voices to facilitate the creation of global solutions using a single engine.  Learn more.
  • Easy configuration on all platforms As a language independent module with carefully tested code, porting the core engine to a variety of embedded platforms is highly efficient and reliable.  Voices and languages can be easily configured by adding data files.
  • Vocalizer Expressive Studio This interactive optimization tool allows developers to create high quality prompts and prompt databases.  It also allows customized text processing and the creation of user dictionaries for exception pronunciations.
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