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PaperPort PSP Desktop for Hewlett-Packard

Personalized scanning, document management, and conversion software for select HP multi-function printers

PaperPort PSP Desktop for Hewlett-Packard

Get the ultimate productivity from select HP MFPs through simple document scanning, sharing, conversion, and archiving. The PaperPort PSP Desktop lets you customize and personalize HP MFP scanning menus directly from your desktop.

When you walk up to the HP MFP and login, the LCD screen changes to reveal your folders available on your own computer. That takes the guesswork out of figuring out how to get a scanned document back to your computer. You can also convert your scanned documents into editable formats including Microsoft Word, Excel and Corel WordPerfect in one easy step.

The PaperPort PSP Desktop is the only solution that delivers the convenience of advanced scanning, the efficiency of desktop document management, and the power of a complete PDF document solution - all at the push of a button.

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A Complete HP MFP Scanning Solution

PaperPort PSP Server – This server-based module provides integration and communication between select HP MFP devices and any client computer to personalize the scanning menus on the HP MFP.
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PaperPort Professional 11 – This desktop application is for computers that need to be customized and connect to a networked HP MFP.
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OmniPage Professional 15 -  eliminates the manual re-typing of documents and provides the core OCR technology used by the PaperPort PSP Desktop solution. Quickly turn scanned documents into more than 30 different PC application formats for editing, searching, and sharing.
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PDF Converter Professional 4 - PDF Converter Professional combines the power of PDF creation, the flexibility of PDF editing, and the versatility of PDF conversion into one easy-to-use, affordable application.
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