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PaperPort Professional 12 – WebDAV Link

Integrate with popular document management systems easily.

PaperPort Professional 12 – WebDAV Link

The PaperPort WebDAV Link (also known as Web Folders) is a general interface link that supports a broad range of document management systems. These include systems Interwoven, Hummingbird, EMC Documentum, and FileNET to name a few. Check with the vendor of your specific service to see if it works with WebDAV or Web Folders.

To use the PaperPort WebDAV Link, you must have a copy PaperPort installed and Web Folders configured to work with your content management system. This specific Link is not supported on other versions of PaperPort and will not run independently of PaperPort. Once you have installed the Link, simply launch PaperPort and a new icon will appear on the SendTo Bar at the bottom of the PaperPort Desktop. You can drag and drop a file to your network service or content management system. Using the PaperPort ScanDirect feature, you can also scan directly to your document management system without having a file saved on your local computer.

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