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Comments about OmniPage

I routinely process tens of thousands of scanned documents.  Nuance Communication's OmniPage Professional 18 is my trusted source for delivering the most accurate searchable PDF files in the least amount of time.  I rely on Nuance Communication's OCR technology, with its years of research and development experience, to provide cutting edge results.  If you are looking for a product that will truly make your job easier and more productive, then you need OmniPage Professional 18.

David Ocampo
Lead Senior Paralegal
Santa Clara County Office of the District Attorney

We currently use OmniPage Professional versions 15 and 17 and have been long time customers. OmniPage Professional is much easier to use and I like the workflow in OmniPage Professional 18 the best. I really like all the new features, especially the eDiscovery Assistant for searchable PDF and the Nuance Cloud Connectors. The cloud computing features are and will be very valuable for those using cooperative construction of PDF and the sharing of documents in the cloud. We work extensively with PDFs in our development of training materials and OmniPage Professional 18 will most certainly broaden our PDF capabilities.

Thank you
Alan Hart



About the eDiscovery Assistant

Using the eDiscovery Assistant I converted 4 different files and was able to search each with no problem. This is a feature that I have needed for some while.
OmniPage Start Page

Alexander Hickethier
San Diego, CA

The eDiscovery is a godsend! I have a lot of PDFs of books that I have scanned over the years and to have the ability to perform eDiscovery on books that have existing annotations is wonderful.

David Cote
Virginia Beach, VA



About using OmniPage to convert digital camera pictures

When I am away from my office and don't have a scanner or copier readily available, I use my digital camera to take pictures of documents that I want to reference later. OmniPage Pro 18 does a wonderful job of re-creating the documents from the image files. Once again, OmniPage Pro 18 is a just the right tool for the job.

Joel A Harper
Hickory, NC



About the new OmniPage interface and Start page

The Start Page takes the guess work out of the workflow, especially for less frequent used operations. This makes OmniPage faster with less user interaction needed. We mainly use OmniPage to scan medical records for review and storage as Microsoft Word files.  OP makes this easy and allows integration with Word.

Jim Hom
The Neuropsychology Center
Dallas, TX

The OmniPage Start Page is a great improvement. It's quicker and there are less steps to the finished output. I need OmniPage for text to speech conversion for use by the disabled. I think it's the best product for conversion.

Daryl Murphy
Daryl Murphy Consulting
Indio, CA

The Start Page was very clear to me as how OmniPage was to be used. The speed and accuracy was also so much better than previous versions.

David C Abernathy
Renton, WA

The Start Page was functional and we could use OmniPage immediately.
It was a very simple to use.  Past versions had too much clutter. We love the program.

James C Jones
Jones Auto Shop
Pittsburgh, PA

For my testing of OmniPage I threw the "kitchen sink" at the program. I am often faxed documents that I convert to Microsoft Word to use for other purposes.  I also have many PDF documents that I covert to Microsoft Word so I can edit and utilize them. The conversion using OmniPage Professional 18 was faster than I have experienced with the previous versions and the accuracy of the conversion was outstanding.

Don Ford
Lake Hart Associates Inc
Orlando, FL

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