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Nuance Cloud Connector

Powered by Gladinet

Access and Convert Documents in the Cloud

Cloud storage is today’s fastest, most convenient and least expensive option for storing, sharing and archiving documents online. That’s why OmniPage includes the Nuance Cloud Connector, a new kind of desktop software powered by Gladinet, a Nuance partner. OmniPage integrates with the Nuance Cloud Connector to dramatically simplify the process of connecting to and converting documents within a variety of cloud storage and online document websites. Convert documents stored in Microsoft Live SkyDrive, GoogleDocs,, Amazon S3 and so much more. Even open a document directly from one cloud service, convert it, and store it in a completely different cloud service—all in one step.



Features of Nuance Cloud Connector

Fast and secure connectivity between Microsoft Windows and the Cloud

In addition to integrating with OmniPage, the Nuance Cloud Connector creates a network drive under Microsoft Windows so that you can use cloud storage as easily as if it were another hard drive attached to your computer. Now you can navigate, organize copy and move files freely between Microsoft Windows and all your cloud storage accounts. With the Nuance Cloud Connector, you enter your username and password once to gain simultaneous access to your files across all cloud storage services.

The Nuance Cloud Connector works with a wide range of cloud and standard network services including:

  • Amazon S3
  • AT&T Synaptic Storage
  • Caringo CAStor
  • EMC Atmos Online
  • Google Storage
  • Nirvanix
  • Mezeo
  • Windows/Azure
  • OpenStack
  • Peer1 CloudOne
  • Rackspace CloudFiles
  • FTP
  • WebDav
  • File Server Share

You can upgrade the Nuance Cloud Connector to the Gladinet Cloud Desktop Pro software, which provides the additional benefits of automatic file and folder synchronization across multiple PCs and more robust cloud backup capabilities.

Upgrade to Gladinet Cloud Desktop Pro

 The ultimate file synchronization and back-up utility for cloud storage.

Gladinet Cloud Desktop Pro Benefits:

Snapshot Backup

Bad things—viruses, hard drive crashes, accidental file deletion and more—can happen to your computer and its stored files. Now you can protect your files by backing them up to your choice of cloud storage.

  • Backup with predefined schedule
  • Create multiple snapshots with version control
  • Enforce retention policy
  • Ensure only changed files are backed up
  • Upload changed parts of each file
  • Backup live application data (SQL, Exchange, etc.)
  • Backup locked files, or files larger than 4GB

Backup by Folder

  • Backup a snapshot of the selected folder at a scheduled time

Backup by File Type

  • Backup a snapshot of machine-wide changes for the selected file type at a scheduled time

Backup by Application

  • Backup a snapshot of machine-wide changes for the selected application at a scheduled time

Cloud Sync

Gladinet Cloud Desktop Pro makes it easy to manage the same set of files across multiple PCs by leveraging any cloud storage service. Files placed in a Cloud Sync Folder are instantly synchronized to your other computers on which the same Cloud Sync Folder is enabled.

  • Each virtual directory can have only one Cloud Sync Folder
  • Cloud Sync Folders are independent of existing cloud storage contents

Backup Pictures, Music, Videos and More Online

  • Incremental backup to one or more cloud storage services.
  • Backup based on folders or file type.
  • Backup Google Docs™ to local and/or cloud storage.

Computer-to-Computer File Sync

  • Sync local folder across multiple PCs via cloud storage of your choice.
  • Protect local file with multiple versions in the Cloud.
  • Restore to previous versions.

Upgrade Explorer to a Storage Portal

  • Manage and use cloud storage with Windows® Explorer.
  • Open platform supports all major providers.
  • Drag & drop to transfer files between different storage services.
  • Backup to multiple storage services for peace of mind.

Enjoy Lightning Fast File Transfers

  • Manage tasks with a versatile and powerful task manager.
  • Enjoy enterprise-level scalability for large transfers.
  • Transfer files up to 10x faster with advanced acceleration technology.


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