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Global Partnerships

Hardware Partners

Equitrac works with the world’s leading multi-function printer (MFP) and printer manufacturers to deliver award-winning print management and cost recovery solutions. 

Through our hardware partnerships and integrations, Equitrac software can track and manage print, copy, fax or scan activity for virtually any MFP or printer – whether it’s a networked device or one that is locally attached. So if your company is standardized on a single brand or utilizes various MFP and printer manufacturers, Equitrac supports a flexible and scalable print management and/or cost recovery strategy.

With many MFPs, the Equitrac user-interface is conveniently accessed right at the device’s control panel.  See list of embedded solutions.  Or Equitrac can be used with an external terminal at any MFP or printer to easily authenticate or add data.  

Our hardware partners also resell our products, simplifying an organization’s purchase of its MFPs, printers and software. Find out how you can buy from a partner.


Software Integrations

Equitrac works with the world’s leading software manufacturers in categories like scanning, document management, fax, campus card systems, online payment, time & billing and more.

Together, we maximize value to our customer addressing an organization's need to control costs, ensure security, support compliance, and increase productivity.

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