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Copitrak: DMS Softwarelösung

Legal and Accounting Cost Recovery Solutions

Copitrak Solutions

Copitrak has worked with more than 4,000 professional firms, delivering comprehensive cost-recovery solutions that deliver real business results.

By simplifying document workflows, Copitrak helps law firms easily manage expenses, enhance their most critical workflows, and bolster the bottom line like never before. Learn more about Copitrak System Software for cost recovery and expense management.

Copitrak System Software

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From user and account validation, to transaction collection and costing, to reporting and exporting critical data, Copitrak solutions deliver the flexibility of standard open systems and offer a leading solution capable of meeting the needs of the most challenging of today's office environments.

Copitrak System Software help legal firms:

  • Recover client-billable expenses
  • Record client's information for every service provided
  • Allocate every applicable client-related expense


Learn more about Copitrak System Software or additional Copitrak modules and solutions.

Schedule your product demo now to see how Copitrak can help you:

  • Improve ability to track and recover costs
  • Reduce costs—and your total cost of ownership
  • Increase productivity

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