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Additional Copitrak Solutions and Modules


With additional solutions and modules, Copitrak Systems Software helps today's law firms easily manage expenses, enhance critical document and business workflows, and recover costs to bolster the bottom line.


Copitrak Eclipse Terminal: State-of-the-Art Cost Recovery

Eclipse, the new generation Cost Recovery Terminal from Copitrak, builds on existing experience to offer state-of-the art technology to capture photocopy, scan, and miscellaneous disbursement data. Optionally the system can be configured as a fax, copier/fax, or dual fax terminal.


Copitrak Scan: Simple, Yet Powerful Scan Workflows with Full Cost Recovery

With customizable and fully integrated advanced scan workflows, Copitrak Scan has simplified and revolutionized the way law firms fulfill all of their scanning needs.


Copitrak Embedded: The Power of Copitrak Built into Your MFP Device

Copitrak Embedded gives users all the features they expect in a fully integrated single solution. A software-only embedded technology allows the Copitrak system to seamlessly run on other platforms, including the Canon MEAP, eCopy, EFI, HP, Ricoh Java, Xerox EIP, Lexmark, and other embedded enabled multi-function devices.


Copitrak Print: Automatically Track all your Printer and Digital Copier Output

Copitrak Print automatically tracks all your printer, plotter, and digital copier output without having to leave the programs you are working in. Copitrak Print effectively monitors 100% of all printer activity, working either silently (in the background) or interactively with the user. Copitrak Print integrates with the office environment to ensure complete print management for client charge-back and internal management and analysis.


Copitrak Editor: Transaction Editing, Cost Allocation, and Approvals

The Copitrak Editor is a browser-based transaction editor that allows users to view, reconcile, and approve exception transactions before being transferred to the firm's financial system.


Copitrak Print Room: Fully Automate Tracking and Job Management in your Copy Center

Print Room is a comprehensive Copy Center management application that allows Copy Center managers to easily track, manage, and bill all jobs. Copitrak Print Room links with the Job Submission module to allow users to automatically flow jobs to the Copy Center. An accurate job ticket will save Copy Center personnel from unproductive follow-up on missed details.


Copitrak Phone: Effortless Tracking and Costing of Telephone Usage

Copitrak Phone provides effortless tracking and costing of telephone usage. By collecting call data directly from the SMDR port or database of the phone system, the software ensures that 100% of all calls are accurately tracked and recorded. Copitrak Phone will also track the newest VOIP based systems including: Nortel, Cisco, 3Com, Avaya and many others.


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