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Work smarter and more productively in the office and on the road—using your voice. With powerful documentation and transcription capabilities, advanced customization, seamless integration across devices, and easy deployment across any size business, see how you can put Dragon to work today.

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Speed thru documentation

Fast dictation and high recognition accuracy that continually improves as it adapts to your voice.

Short-cut repetitive tasks

Define simple voice commands to speed up document creation, and boost productivity.

Boost overall efficiency

Add custom words for accurate recognition of industry terms, acronyms you use every day.

Dictate anytime, anywhere

Integrate with Dragon Anywhere for mobile devices and dictate and edit documents anywhere your go.

Built for the way you work

For you

Dragon Professional Individual, v15

Drive documentation productivity — all by voice, with the all-new Dragon Professional Individual, v15. Dictate and transcribe documents, create spreadsheets, send email or add your own personalization, and spend less time on documentation and more time on business critical tasks.

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Starting at $300.00

Dragon Professional Individual

For your business

Dragon Professional Group

This enterprise-ready speech recognition software features powerful, easily sharable customization and integrates into current workflows to drive productivity for multiple employees at work. Let employees get documentation done more efficiently—in the office or on the road, while reducing costs and improving service.

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Dragon Professional Group


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