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The buzz about Dragon!

Dragon speech recognition scores big with the press! You’ll find some great reviews and articles below, as well as recent news from Nuance.

Featured Articles

Your Practice: Not Your Father's Stenographer

Reuters – July 9, 2012

Jennifer Hoyt Cummings, Wealth Management Columnist for Reuters, proposes Dragon as a good transcription service alternative for financial advisors and professionals wary of sharing client information with an outside party. Cummings quotes Dragon NaturallySpeaking customer Tucker Watkins as saying Dragon products are "finally ready for prime time." Nuance's Peter Mahoney is also quoted within the article.

Voice Recognition Saves the Day!

redOrbit - April 25, 2012

Blogger Peter Suciu wrote about his experience using Dragon NaturallySpeaking after breaking four fingers in his hand. Sucui mentions that he tried using Windows 7 built-in speech recognition program but turned to Dragon to better meet his needs. He outlines the different versions available and hails Dragon as "saving the day" during his injury.

Speech-Recognition Software Now Faster, More Accurate Than Ever 

The Seattle Times - March 23, 2012

Patrick Marshall reviewes Dragon NaturallySpeaking and highlights its many benefits, including the software's ability to make almost no mistakes. He calls it "the best on consumer markets."

Is Speech Recognition Still Assistive Technology? - March 19, 2012

Andrew Leibs, a longtime chronicler of the Disability Movement with particular interest in technology, interviews Nuance's Dragon Product Manager Colleen Hendry about speech recognition and assistive technology. According to Hendry, "I think people see speech recognition in a new light. It's not just for fun anymore, but can be used to teach a new skill or career."

Dragon Speech-to-Text iOS App Makes Dictation a Dream

CIO Magazine - March 2, 2012

James Martin, a mobile blogger for CIO, writes about his experience using the Dragon Remote Mic App in conjunction with Dragon Dictate for Mac. Praising its high-level of accuracy, Martin writes: "The $200 investment in the desktop software is worth it if you spend a lot of time dictating with your computer. I battled repetitive strain injury to both hands years ago because of all the hours I spent typing on a computer keyboard, and Dragon's dictation software played no small role in my full recovery."

Press Releases

Nuance Unveils Dragon Express in Mac OS App Store

New Dictation App for Mac OS X Lion Provides Simple, Fast, Accurate Introduction to Voice Recognition.

Nuance Introduces Dragon Recorder App for Apple iOS

    Nuance today announced the Dragon Recorder app, a free application on the Apple iOS app store which makes it possible for Dragon customers to use an iPhone, iPad or iPod touch as a voice recorder to capture their own voice, and transcribe their recordings into any application on the Mac or PC with Dragon speech recognition. The new app gives Dragon users with an iOS device the freedom and flexibility to use their existing device as a voice recorder, and makes it easy to transcribe their recordings to quickly create notes, meeting minutes, emails, letters, papers, articles, blog posts and more with Dragon speech recognition.


    Liberated Learning Consortium Announces Nuance Joining the Effort to Advance Information Accessibility in Higher Education through Speech Recognition

    Nuance has joined the Liberated Learning Consortium, (LLC), an international group of technology providers, colleges and universities working to advance information accessibility in higher education through the use of speech recognition technology. Nuance Communications, the maker of Dragon NaturallySpeaking software, joins IBM as the second technology company to contribute expertise in support of the Consortium’s mission.


    Nuance Releases Dragon Dictate for Mac 2.5

    Leading Speech Recognition Application for Mac Adds Full Support for Microsoft Word 2011, New Social Media Sharing Capabilities, Formatting and Editing Features and More; Dragon Remote Mic App Turns iPhone into Wireless Microphone - Dictate into and Control Applications on the Mac

    Nuance unveiled Dragon Dictate for Mac 2.5, a new release of the world’s best-selling speech recognition software for the Mac. Building on the improved accuracy, faster performance, and powerful new voice commands introduced in Dragon Dictate for Mac 2.0, Dragon Dictate for Mac 2.5 adds new features that make it easier to create documents, send emails, surf the Web, share social status and interact with many Mac applications. For the first time, Dragon Dictate users can combine dictation and voice commands with mouse and keyboard entry within Microsoft Word 2011, making it easier to create and edit documents.

    Nuance Releases Dragon NaturallySpeaking Version 11.5 and New Dragon Remote Mic App for Apple iOS

    Leading Speech Recognition Application Adds New Social Media Sharing Capabilities, Correction and Editing Features and More; New Remote Mic App Turns iPhone into Wireless Mic that Allows you to Dictate into and Control Applications on Your PC.

    Nuance unveiled Dragon NaturallySpeaking 11.5, a new release of the world’s best-selling speech recognition software for the PC. Building on the improved accuracy, faster performance and intuitive new interface introduced in Dragon 11, Dragon NaturallySpeaking 11.5 adds new features that make it easier to create documents, send emails, surf the Web, share social status and interact with many PC applications.


    Nuance Announces Winners of Fifth Annual "I Speak Dragon!" Story Contest

     Hundreds of People Share Their Success Stories; Winning Entries Submitted by Educators, Lawyer Detail Experiences of Using Dragon Speech Recognition. Nuance announced the winners of its “I Speak Dragon!” contest, which encouraged users of Nuance’s Dragon NaturallySpeaking and Dragon Dictate software to share their personal stories about how Dragon has enhanced and transformed their lives. See the three winning entries, and all of the great stories that we received, here.


Recent Reviews

Review: Dragon NaturallySpeaking

Business Insider - March 15, 2012

The reviewer wrote this article with Dragon; they noted, "Okay, if you’re tired of typing, you should buy this program. I’m stunned, frankly, that it captured everything I said with such accuracy. It took a little bit of training, but that took all of five minutes when I first installed it and set it up." Dragon NaturallySpeaking's integration with social channels was also mentioned: "Oh, and I tested it in Twitter, and of course, it worked like a charm."

Dragon NaturallySpeaking 11.5 Premium

PC Magazine - Demember 7, 2011

Writers Jill Duffy and Sean Carroll describe their experience using Dragon: "After several pleasantly surprising experience using Nuance's mobile apps, I was eager to try the full-featured desktop version, Dragon NaturallySpeaking 11.5 Premium ... The ware does not disappoint."

Talk to Your Mac with Dragon Express

Wired - November 11, 2011

Charlie Sorrel of Wired writes, "If Siri has gotten you hooked on talking to your machines instead of typing on them, you might be interested in Dragon Express ... Open the app and start talking. It listens and transcribes your speech into text."

Get a Taste of Siri on OS X with Nuance's Dragon Express

GigaOM - November 10, 2011

Darrell Etherington of GigaOM explains some of the key capabilities of Dragon Express: "You can also search Spotlight directly to find files in Finder, search the web right from the app (opens a search in your browser of choice using Google, Yahoo or Bing, depending on what you choose) and post to both Twitter and Facebook once you supply your credentials."

Nuance Dragon Dictate 2.5 for Mac review

Engadget - September 6, 2011

“Overall, we were supremely blown away by just how great Dragon Dictate operated…After years of typing for the majority of our waking hours, being able to cut that by a good 60 to 70 percent (in favor of using voice) was downright heavenly…For folks who spend more time each day typing than sleeping, we can't help but heartily recommend this. The dramatic decrease in wrist strain alone makes it a worthwhile purchase in our estimation, and the inevitable productivity increases are just icing on the cake."

Nuance Dragon NaturallySpeaking 11.5 Professional Makes Your iPhone a Wireless Microphone - 4.5 stars!

PC World - August 4, 2011

“Whichever version of Dragon Naturally Speaking you opt for, you'll quickly be navigating by voice. And…you can dictate more naturally now by using your iPhone as a microphone.”

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