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Dragon® Assistant Beta

A whole new conversation

Dragon Assistant is the conversational personal assistant for your computer – just tell it to find content, get answers, play music, connect with friends and more. It works seamlessly with many popular desktop applications, and has a very friendly disposition.


The benefits


Dragon Assistant gives you the freedom to use your voice in an easy, fun, interactive conversation to control or get answers from your computer.


With an open ecosystem supported by a wide array of tightly integrated productivity, social media or search applications, tasks get done for you, instead of just returning search results, all by speaking naturally to it.


Speak and be understood accurately, even if you say things in different ways, and Dragon Assistant even learns over time for even more personalized accuracy.


Dragon Assistant is complete with selectable personalities and contextual understanding within an ongoing dialogue – just like talking to a personal assistant.

Dragon Assistant in action

Look at some fun and natural ways you can have a conversation with Dragon Assistant

Use your voice to multi-task with your computer, while having a fun and natural conversation

Command your computer: Open and close applications, put the computer to sleep and adjust settings, with the accuracy of natural language understanding even when the computer is offline.

Dragon Assistant is part of an open ecosystem integrated with more than 170 content providers that work seamlessly with applications to complete tasks, instead of just showing search results.

Search the Web: Search for reviews, make a reservation, get directions and get answers to just about anything. Dragon Assistant pulls up the actual application, such as Yelp, a real map or replies with an answer, instead of pulling up a search result page.

Get social: Check/update your social networks with simple voice commands, like "update my Facebook status" or "post to Twitter.".

Speed thru email or calendar: Dictate and send emails or search your calendar for greater efficiency.

Dictate anywhere: Dictate into most websites as well as in some text editors and chat clients.

Control your playlists: Intuitive voice commands allow you to select and play specific songs, artists, and movies in your personal library, as well as directly from online sources such as Spotify, Hulu, Netflix or YouTube.

System requirements

4 GB

Intel Core i3, i5, i7 Pentium, Celeron or Atom processors

Windows 8, 32-bit and 64-bit

    Microphone capable of 16-bit recording Note: The integrated array microphones on supported computers are supported when dictating using Dragon Assistant. External microphones, such as USB microphones or Bluetooth devices, are also supported by Dragon Assistant. The microphone being used must be selected as the default device in the Windows Operating System.


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