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Swype for Android is now even more customizable with 19 new Star Trek themes, additional premium themes, and a new Emoji keyboard. The new Star Trek themes feature characters and images from some of the series’ most popular installments, allowing fans to stay immersed in the Star Trek experience as they stay connected to friends, family and colleagues. Additional premium themes offer even more options for users to personalize their typing experience. Swype’s new Emoji keyboard allows users to quickly and easily browse through hundreds of different options to find the right Emoji that depicts their thoughts, emotions, and reactions.

Nuance’s popular Swype keyboard is available for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch users who have downloaded iOS 8. Swype, the input style, has been deployed on over a billion devices around the world—iOS 8 customers can experience the most intuitive touchscreen keyboard available on mobile. Swype’s continuous touch technology lets users effortlessly glide their finger from one letter to the next—with words and phrases appearing as they go.


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