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Dragon Mobile Assistant is an intelligent personal assistant application for Android devices that keeps people connected, organized and productive. With Dragon Mobile Assistant, people can simply use their voice to make calls, compose and send text messages and emails, update social media sites like Facebook and Twitter, schedule calendar appointments, search for weather updates, sports scores, points of interest, and much more.

Dragon Mobile Assistant boasts a number of unique proactive features, including automatic conference call dial-in, and hands-free, eyes-free Driver Mode – keeping people connected in a safer, smarter way.

Dragon Mobile Assistant also features powerful voice biometrics and one-shot wake-up word capabilities, enabling a person to have their device recognize and respond to their voice – and only their voice – through a single command. For example, without touching their phone, a person could say, ‘Hey, Dragon, what will the weather be like this afternoon?’ Dragon Mobile Assistant will instantly authenticate the person’s voice and complete the request, relaying the correct information in a humanlike voice.

Dragon Mobile Assistant can be downloaded for free on Google Play.


NEW Dragon Mobile Assistant

Automatically Switches to Driver Mode in a Moving Car; Adds Customizable Wake-Up Word and Voice Notifications for Facebook, Texts, Calls and Appointments

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