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Nuance’s speech-driven mobile applications have changed the way people interact and communicate on the go. And our voice-control applications, like Dragon Go, continue to be integrated into mobile platforms to transform the mobile lifestyle.

Working within our Mobile Team you will combine your experience in natural language understanding with our voice recognition technology into our next breakthrough mobile application.


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Recent Mobile Innovations  

Voice and natural language understanding technologies are no longer optional, and are quickly proving to be key for a seamless and natural interaction between people and the mobile devices they use. Nuance’s mobile voice portfolio enables that personal dialogue, allowing people to simply speak to command, control and access and take action on the Mobile Web – spurring an intense demand from OEMs, operators and app developers for a deeper, more integrated voice experience. 

Dragon Go! is Nuance’s revolutionary app for iOS and now Android, featuring Nuance’s renowned Dragon voice recognition and its intent-driven natural language understanding technology. With Dragon Go!, people are able to simply speak virtually any query and get immediate, direct access to mobile search content from over 200 of the most trusted content providers – including OpenTable, Yelp, Spotify, Pandora,, LiveNation, Twitter and many more. Gone are the days of scrolling through blue links – just quick direct access to the most relevant content.

Dragon Dictation is Nuance’s incredibly successful app for iOS, with voice recognition powered by Dragon NaturallySpeaking that allows consumers to easily speak and instantly see their text – be it for messaging, emails, Twitter and Facebook updates, and much more. Dragon Dictation has been launched in over 25 countries worldwide, securing the #1 and #2 spots in free apps in nearly country.

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Press Release

April 12, 2012 - Nuance Dragon Dictation and Dragon Search Apps Now Available in UAE
Dragon Apps Supporting Standard Arabic Expand Availability in the Middle East, Providing Consumers with a Faster and Easier Way to Send Text Messages and Emails, Update Twitter and Facebook, Search for Web Content and More – Just by Speaking

March 29, 2012 - Nuance Powers Voice Dictation for Snapguide App for iPhone and iPad
New App Features Power of Dragon to Let People Speak Captions as They Create How-To Guides on their iPhone, iPod touch or iPad

March 28, 2012 - Nuance Dragon Dictation and Dragon Search Apps Now Available in Saudi Arabia
Dragon Apps Make Debut in the Middle East, Providing Saudi Consumers with a Faster and Easier Way to Send Text Messages and Emails, Update Twitter and Facebook, Search for Web Content and More – Just by Speaking.

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New York Times - March 31, 2012
Nuance Communications; Dragon TV; speech recognition software

E*TRADE Launches Voice Recognition for iPhone
April 18, 2012
E*TRADE announced an exciting upgrade to its E*TRADE Mobile for iPhone application that features voice recognition powered by Nuance. E*TRADE is the latest NDEV Mobile developer program grad, and leveraged the Dragon voice technology to let people find stock quotes by speaking a stock name or symbol, access personal investment information by saying, "show me my portfolio," or pull up a stock order ticket by asking to buy or sell a stock name or symbol. Check out the full release and download the free app!

Computer Programs and Apps for Children with Autism

Fox News – April 13, 2012
Fox News contributor Jennifer Cerbasi writes of her top choices for programs and apps that support the needs of learners with autism, and Dragon Dictation makes the list. She notes that Dragon Dictation is among those apps that have “changed the way children with autism participate in the classroom” and facilitates an “easier interaction between children and their teachers and parents.”

Nuance is a game-changing company, producing some of the most exciting and commanding software in the world. 
-The Motley Fool, 2010
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